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Top 5 Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips

If all or part of your home lacks organization, and it’s tough to stay on top of cleaning tasks, the insights below can help you feel in control again. Your home is a place to unwind and relax, which is much easier to do when your living space is free of clutter. These five home organizing tips today can help you start enjoying your home again.

Organizing Tip 1: Purge Before Figuring Out Storage Solutions

As soon as you hear the word “organize,” your first inclination might be to head to the store to buy storage baskets and other supplies. But that’s not the most efficient method, contrary to popular belief.

Instead, purge your home of any excess items first. After all, you won’t know how best to organize the kitchen, bedroom closet, or another part of the residence until you determine what you truly need.

You’ll have less stuff to store when you sort things first and will use fewer storage containers than if you did the steps the other way around. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll only have in the home the things that matter to you and your family, and everyone can enjoy a clutter-free space.

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Home Organizing Tip 2: Small Cupboards? Try Shelf Risers

Make the most of cupboards and cabinets with shelf risers. The handy shelving makes use of vertical space that otherwise would go empty.

This organizational tip is a great alternative to stacking items, especially when they’re breakables like cups and bowls in the kitchen that could tip and fall. Plus, it has such a clean look.

Shelf risers come in various lengths and widths to fit within your cabinets and other areas. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, make them yourself.

Home Organizing Tip 3: Take Time in the Clothes Closet

Donating like-new clothes that you don’t wear because the fit isn’t flattering or for another reason is tough to do. But think how great it would be only to have the items you wear in your closet.

Not only would the closet appear larger than before, but you also wouldn’t have to weed through clothing to find what you want to wear today. So, how do you get this job done, finally?

The answer is to remove anything from your closet that you haven’t worn in two years. This length of time allows for fluctuations in weather and for tasks such as painting or yard work that help explain keeping some well-worn clothes.

Create piles for keep, donate, sell, and trash. Of course, keep the pieces you love to wear, but donate those in good condition that you never take off hangers. Make sure you take the charity items to the non-profit right away, or they might creep back into your closet!

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Home Organizing Tip 4: Storage Limits

If your home is overrun with kids’ toys, then implement the “keep one, donate one” rule. For each new one that your child wants to bring into the house, let them know that they’ll have to put one into the donation basket. This rule means that toy area will never grow out of hand.

This organizational tip is also a great way to involve the children in your quest to declutter the house and teach them good habits for when they’re homeowners one day. Plus, they learn the value of donating things to those who are less fortunate.

Home Organizing Tip 5: Multiple Uses for Dryer Sheets

When it comes to getting rid of debris and dust around the house, especially when it’s hard to ignore on a bright and sunny day, dryer sheets come to the rescue. Use a sheet to wipe off baseboards easily, and another one for cleaning the grime off pots and pans.

Also, wipe a dryer sheet across the shower door to remove scum from the shower door, and toss one in the dirty laundry basket to remove odors until wash day.

Do you want more home organizing and cleaning tips or aren’t sure quite where to start at home? Reach out to us for decluttering solutions. We are happy to provide tips specifically for your home and lifestyle to maximize the space and ease your mind.