Home Organizing Mistakes

The Worst Home Organizing Mistakes People Make

You look around your house and everything seems fine. It is fairly clean, and there aren’t teetering piles of clutter scattered around. But is it truly organized? Is it efficient? Can you locate anything you might need quickly and effortlessly? Truth is, some organizing mistakes can reduce the form and function of your spaces, which eventually can lead to great disorder. The benefits of a clean and organized home are outstanding and long-lasting, which is why it’s worth learning how to do it right. In this article, we’ll pinpoint the six top organizing mistakes you might be making.

Avoiding Decluttering

Clutter isn’t just about the stuff. It has more to do with what your belongings represent to you. Items can evoke strong memories and give you comfort, security, and even a sense of identity. That’s why decluttering can become the type of task most people avoid. But as you know, failing to declutter is definitely one of the biggest organizing mistakes you can make. If your closet is overflowing, no amount of containers will create a tidy, organized space. When you have too much stuff for a space, you’ll never succeed. The only solution here is to roll up your sleeves and face that you need to start decluttering.

Forgetting Efficiency

Sometimes, we get so obsessed with the best organizing solutions that we end up making things harder. As tempting as some organizing strategies may seem, you have to ask yourself: are they really useful in my particular situation? For example, a common pitfall to avoid is overfilling spaces and containers. A suitable organizing system is easy to access and has room to grow. To get it right, you should always keep efficiency in mind – and how it relates to everyone in your household.

Confusing Clean With Organized

In our minds, clean and organized generally go together, but in reality, one does not necessarily indicate the other. It’s very possible to have a clean home that’s very cluttered or an organized home that’s actually dirty. So don’t confuse the two and put equal effort into both. Declutter, organize your belongings and clean your home regularly.

Leaving Out The Labels

When it comes to organizing, it’s the little things that matter most! You can have the prettiest bins and baskets in the world, but if they’re not labeled correctly, they’ll just become containers for clutter. That is why labels are key. They can be simple, written by hand on little cards, or printed. In truth, it doesn’t matter what form the labels take. All that matters is that they are made and structured to keep your items adequately classified into categories.

Clean the Junk Drawer

Keeping A Messy Catch-All

We all have that place in our homes where miscellaneous items automatically get thrown. We often call them junk drawers or catch-all. The thing about these places is that they go against the entire organizational system. And although cleaning up the messy closet in the garage is one of those unpleasant home organization tasks we put off for as long as possible, it’s something that should be tackled. If you truly want a tidy storage space that serves your home’s storage needs more effectively, it’s something you should do.

Failing To Maintain

Living an organized life is more than a weekend pantry makeover – it’s making an effort to keep it that way. Although it might seem challenging, maintenance doesn’t have to be that difficult. It can take as little as 10 minutes a day. To make things even easier, you can follow an organized system of simply returning things to their proper places daily. This mindset will make it easier to keep your home organized and neat on a regular basis.

Organizing your home is never a “one and done” activity. It requires constant attention to putting things where they belong, getting rid of what you no longer need, and adapting your methods to maintain a neat, functional, and decluttered space. If you feel like you need some extra help decluttering and organizing any space in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ClutterBGone for a free consultation! We will be delighted to offer you some tailored solutions.