Part 3 of Organizing a 2 bedroom home

Before afterWell, we’re back at Ms. E’s home and she was so excited to tell me about all the meals she’s been cooking and how it’s now so super simple for her to walk into her storage room and retrieve whatever she needs.  No more hunting though piles on the floor!

Finalizing the kitchen set up.

The next step was to finalize the kitchen with the organizing products I purchased on her behalf.  We created a lot more space in her panty using clear acrylic bins to contain her sauce packages and packages of spice, as well as to contain things like nuts, rice and pastas.  We even got all her vitamins and supplements off the kitchen counter and behind a cupboard within easy reach for her everyday use. I also mounted her kitchen green bin on the inside of her cabinet door and placed a new slim line recycle and garbage bin inside her cabinet.  Ms. E. now had compost, recycle and garbage all under her counter, out of sight and easy to reach.

Onto the Living/Dining Room?

Ms. E’s current dining room was a catastrophe.  She barely had room to walk around, never mind to eat on the table.  It was piled with boxes of papers, bags from various stores still filled with items purchased and never removed, various miscellaneous items and lots of junk.  The floor was almost completely covered with clothing and a ton or merchandise from her sideline business she had been operating.  In reality, her home was so disorganized and chaotic Ms. E. was actually unable to run her business because her products and supplies were almost unreachable.  One of her goals was to get back to it and I was going to help her reach that goal.

The dining room was jammed with too much furniture, some of it hand me downs from others and the set up of the entire living and dining room cut off the entire space so it looked much smaller than it actually was.  Ms. E. also had an office area set up in the living room that was not at all functional or efficient. Our goal was to move her office to the spare bedroom, set up and organize her living area and dining area so she could finally entertain in her home.

Need to open up some space.

In order to begin to work on the living/dining area, we first needed to open up space and perform a temporary organization set up in the spare room, enabling us to then move the office furniture and related items in.  Lots of items found in the spare room were targeted for donation.  There were two dressers and a tall filing cabinet in this room which were crammed full of various items in no order whatsoever.  Every single item was removed and sorted so that Ms. E. could make decisions on whether to toss, donate, sell or give to friends or family.  Excess furniture was also removed from this room and placed on her front lawn by the curb.  Within minutes some students from the private school across from her home were happy to retrieve an old style tube TV, coffee table and some chairs as well as an old dining table (Ms. E. had two of these).  That’s one way to donate!

It wasn’t long before the spare room was ready. Now it was time to create some space in the living/dining area so that we could move things around and into the spare room.  I was simply thrilled to work on this particular project and couldn’t wait for the next session.  My client felt the same.

Attacking the dining room first

Getting back to our client’s home for the next session couldn’t come fast enough for me.  An old dining room server was removed completely, some broken lamps discarded and about 4 bags and boxes of items for donation were loaded in Ms. E’s car.  We filled 3 large blue bins with paper recycling and another bankers’ box full of paper to be shredded, plus another 2 bags of trash were put out to the curb.  With the excess items and furniture out-of-the-way we were able to start sliding furniture from the spare room out into the living room and then the office furniture from the living room into the spare room.  My plan was coming together nicely.  The entire space was opening up and for the first time Ms. E. could see how large her living/dining area really was and was able to visualize the end result!

All the business related items, office supplies, craft supplies, wrapping supplies and gift items were allocated to the spare room.  We moved one of the low chest dressers into the living room for storage and for a place for a new television.  A love seat that was previously in the spare room was moved into the living room together with an occasional chair and another coffee table that Ms. E. has hiding under a pile of stuff.  All the furniture was strategically placed for entertaining, keeping an open concept for conversation.  The dining room was rearranged and a large wall unit that had previously been acting as a separator between the living/dining area was relocated to a wall along the dining area.  That unit was then used to house a wonderful collection of books and other decorative items, giving the space a completely new look and feel.  We even hung pictures on the wall which had been sitting on the floor for the past 3 years. Now the entire living and dining area was completely organized, decorated and ready for entertaining! See the before and after, above!


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