Organizing Your Home Using Velcro

organizing tools and emergency equipment using velcroVelcro can be such a wonderful tool for organizing your home.  Once you play around with it you’ll realize there are dozens of ways you can use it to keep things nice and organized.

Where did Velcro come from?

After examining the burrs left on his clothes while hiking, a Swiss engineer thought that the concept of using hooks and loops to temporarily fasten things together could have commercial use.  Velcro was invented in 1948, though it didn’t see commercial applications until the late 1950’s.

Creative uses for Velcro in your home

While there are lots of creative ways you can use Velcro in your home, below are five organizing ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing.  If you’re going to be using Velcro to attach small and lightweight items, regular Velcro is fine.  For larger and heavier items I recommend you use an industrial version of Velcro.  You can find industrial Velcro at most major hardware stores and you’ll be amazed at how strong it is.

Organizing Your Computer Desk

Oranizing office with velco for hard drive

Computers are great, the cables attached to them and all of their peripherals are not.  You can buy Velcro straps to organize your cables, but you can also use Velcro to organize your power strip, modem and more!  Attach Velcro to the back of these devices and mount them to the underside of your desk and keep your floor neat and free from cables.

Keeping Emergency Tools Handy

organizing tools and emergency equipment using velcro

This was a great tip from  The last thing you need during a blackout is to fumble around the house looking for a flashlight.  Why not keep them handy and within reach?  Keeping a flashlight handy by your electrical panel, at the top of your cellar stairs, and in the garage, is a great way to keep you safe the next time you lose power.


Keep Your Drawers Organized

Organizing drawers with velco

Drawer organizers are great, the only problem is that unless they are custom fitted for your drawer, they tend to get banged around every time you open and close the drawer.  Use Velcro buttons to secure your organizers to the bottom of the drawer and have a tidy drawer every time you open it!

Organize Your Crafts

Organizing crafts with velcro

Crafts are fun, though organizing your craft supplies can be quite the challenge.  Keep your craft supplies organized and ready for use by using small Velcro tabs to mount them for easy reach.  Here’s a neat way to mount your Stickles Glitter Glue using Velcro tabs and an acrylic sign holder.

Organize Your Spices

organizing spice rack using velcro

If you love to cook, keeping your spices organized is a must.  Unfortunately, you may have outgrown your spice rack and don’t have the room for your excess spice jars.  You have a lot of available space in your kitchen for your spices, you just need to be creative.  From your cabinet doors to the inside walls of your pantry, those little spice jars can be mounted and organized just about anywhere in your kitchen.

Do you use Velcro to organize your home?

As you can see, there are lots of ways Velcro can organize your home and I have given you just a few suggestions.  Do you have creative ways you’re using Velcro to organize your home?  Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!

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