Keeping Your Storage Area Organized


organized storage area

Typically, when you organize your home or just a single room you’ll have items that you want and need to keep but don’t know where to put them. In the case of organizing an entire home you’re probably going to have enough items to keep that you’ll want a storage area.

You probably haven’t thought of keeping your storage area organized, but we at ClutterBGone have!

Invest in shelving

You need a place to store your items and containers. Shelving will keep your precious items being stored high and dry but also makes it easy to retrieve. There are many types of shelving available depending on your needs. We can help you decide which ones are right for you and your needs.

Use clear containers

ClutterBGone promotes the use of clear containers in order to quickly identify the items that are in them. It saves time when you need to retrieve these items quickly for whatever reason. We’ve seen a lot of storage areas that look like a bomb went off with containers and lids strewn everywhere after trying to find something. Colour bins are a big no-no.

Label it

When ClutterBGone completes a project all bins and shelves are labelled. organized storage areaA label maker is a definite must when organizing. When you need those Christmas decorations once a year or when you need those craft supplies they’ll be easy to see and retrieve. Label both the container and the shelf so you and everyone else in the family, knows where it goes when it gets put back.

Use the vertical space

Just like the rest of your home, we like to take advantage of vertical space where it is available. Add a few shelves for extra storage space or hang a few items on the wall where you can.

ClutterBGone carries an inventory of all of the items you need for organizing your storage area so we are ready to go right from day one. We even carry our label makers everywhere! If you need help with your organizing project in the Greater Toronto Area, we are available to help. Just contact us here.