Keep Your Everyday Zones Clutter Free

clutter free homes

There are a few spots or places that we use every single day that, when they become cluttered, can cause anxiety and bring your productivity to a halt. Each of these spaces are easy to accumulate clutter. Let’s take a look at them and see how we can keep clutter at bay.

Your workspace

Whether you work from home or go to an office we are spending a great amount of time at our workspace. clutter free homeWe make a living here, conduct business meetings or even manage our household finances from here. When our work space is cluttered, it reflects on our productivity, anxiety and our attitude towards others. We can’t find what we are looking for which results in wasted time. Lost documents can cause frustration, lost time and even cost us money. ClutterBGone has helped to organize many home and business work spaces resulting in improved productivity and reduced anxiety.

Your computer

Don’t forget the computer, it can get cluttered too! Think of your computer as a filing cabinet and understand all the information that gets stored in there. The inability to find what we are looking for costs you time and money

Your closet

Each and every one of us goes into our closets several times a day. Many of our clients have told us that the closet is the most disorganized area of their home. It can make for a very stressful start to your day. Get rid of what you are no longer wearing, can’t fit into anymore, has long gone out of style, doesn’t belong to you in the first place, and is never going to be repaired. ClutterBGone loves organizing closets and can’t wait to show you how an organized closet can change your day.

Your car

We spend so many hours in our car each day either going back and forth to work, going shopping or running the family around. The car is no different than your home. What is in the trunk, the glove box, or the back seat? Too busy to have your car serviced when it was due? Not only will an organized car look and smell better but it will save you money when you don’t neglect the maintenance.

Your garage

Speaking of the car, how organized is your garageclutter free zones? Most garages that we have organized starting out as extra storage spaces. How often have you said “just put it in the garage for now”? As a result, you’ll find almost everything in the garage but the car! Get your garage organized so you know where everything is and you can get your second most valuable possession (your car) in the garage to protect it, and you, from the elements.

The kitchen

We saved the best for last. The kitchen is the focal point in our home. Not only do we prepare our daily meals here but the kitchen has become a space for talks and discussions. People are in and out of the kitchen all day so it is easy to become cluttered. Keeping a kitchen organized allows you to be more productive during meal prep. It becomes more inviting for conversations. Let ClutterBGone into your kitchen to get it organized and to develop a system designed for you to keep it that way.

Our teams at ClutterBGone know the areas in a home that cause grief and we have the experience to leave the trouble areas in your home organized and clutter free. Reach out to us here to get started.