storage solutions for small homes

How To Make Storage Work in a Small Home

If you live in a small home, apartment or condo perhaps you find it difficult to make use of the space and it feels too cluttered and un-organized. We’ve seen this time and again with clients. Small spaces can be a fun challenge! Here are some ideas we’ve utilized in some of our clients smaller spaces to help them fall in love with their space again; leaving their homes more organized and relaxing.

Be Creative With Your Rooms and Spaces

Oftentimes in smaller homes, rooms will need to play double duty! Your living room and dining room may need to learn how to co-exist. Designating areas or zones will help clarify and determine what area of the room is used for what. This will also help determine which items belong where in those designated zones. Making sure that dining room items such as dishes or glassware make their way back to the dining cabinet or that remotes and such are to be left in the living room area only.

Your office could share space with a guest bedroom or your kids play area. With smaller spaces, every inch of space generally has to be utilized. Get creative with it.

Utilize Closets + Vertical Space

Utilizing your vertical space is definitely a must when living in a smaller space. It not only maximizes space in your closets, but maximizes space in living areas of the home as well. Get yourself some nice furniture pieces like the one below and make use of the shelving.

making storage work in small houses


Of course, closet organizers are life-savers when it comes to small-space organization. Find some easy to install organizers at ikea or your local hardware store and organize your shoes, winter clothes, even photo albums!

Be Choosy About What Comes In

We, of course, speak of this tip a lot. It’s so imperative to be mindful of what items come into your small home, and what items are going out. One of my clients with a smaller home says she purges on a very regular basis. If she didn’t, she finds herself getting overwhelmed by all the ‘stuff’ laying around without an organized home. Clutter is more noticeable in smaller spaces, we find. All-the-more reason to implement some storage systems in your small home and be diligent about what’s coming in and finding a place to be stored or organized, and what is going out to free up that needed space.

storage solutions for small houses

The Floor Is Not A Storage Area

When you have a smaller space to work with, you may find it tempting to use the floor space as a storage area. Do you place bigger toys, musical instruments or the like on the floor for lack of a better area to keep them? This can all-too-quickly make your small space look cramped and cluttered. Make use of some of the tips above. Buy some attractive vertical shelving, make use of your closet spaces – but try not to place things on the floor. This sometimes seems like a good-enough option at the time, but it doesn’t give a fresh, clean, organized and spacious feel.

Organizing small spaces can be so much fun. It almost forces you to get creative with your rooms and closets. Less is more – especially when smaller homes are concerned. Have fun with it. And as always, if you need a little support and guidance – or are unsure of how to make your smaller home space more attractive and functional, give us a call! We’re happy to help.