How Can Planner Organization Help Me?

You’re likely no stranger to just how productive you can be when utilizing a planner in your day-to-day life. Planner organization is a tool used to help increase your time management, focus, tasks, motivation etc. There are countless ways to use personal planning systems and once you master yours, you will become more organized and less stressed! Organization isn’t just about decluttering or managing the home, garage or office – organization is a way of life. If we can help organize any part of your life to make it more efficient and functional, we are happy. Paper planners specifically, allow you to write things down, be creative with colour and add your own personal flare. Research suggests that when we write something down, as far as our brains are concerned, it’s as if we are doing that exact thing. Those of you who write things down, know just how important this activity is – and more importantly, that it works!

Here are some benefits to using a personalized planner for organization.

Increased Productivity

We’ve already mentioned that when we write things down on paper, it’s as if we are doing that very thing in our minds. So – when you write down your tasks, errands, appointments and reminders, we are far less likely to forget about them and much more likely to accomplish everything we write down.

Decreased Stress Levels

Writing things down decreases stress and anxiety levels. If your day ahead feels overwhelming, writing your to do lists down relieves those overwhelming feelings and allows you to focus on one task at a time. Writing things down also provides prospective. Tasks and responsibilities that seem stressful, when written down become manageable and you feel more able to tackle them.

planner organization

Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash

Increased Motivation

The beauty of having a paper planner rather than a digital planner is that you can utilize your own creativity when arranging tasks and responsibilities. Write down your favourite motivational quotes to help keep you in good spirits. Use colour and bold letters for those items you really want to remember and highlight. Make it fun! The more visually appealing your notes are, the more fun you will have with it, and the more likely you are to remember what you’ve written.

No Missed Appointments

If you’ve ever missed an appointment simply due to lack of planning, or even better – accidentally double-booked yourself – writing every appointment in your paper calendar will ensure you remember your appointments and keep them. You will feel more focused, organized and in charge of your day, rather than your day running you.

There are many ways to stay organized using an organizational planner system. Once you discover your best methods, you will find yourself more relaxed – knowing that your general everyday tasks are not forgotten – but in beautiful display. If you’re not accustomed to the benefits of a paper planner, we invite you to give it a try. Buy some pretty new pens or markers along with your planner and have fun with it. Keep it simple. We’d love to hear about your planning systems. Feel free to leave us a comment here or visit us on our Facebook page with pics of your planners!