Creating organization out of chaos in a 2 bedroom home

Dining LR Before The wonderful aspect of my career in organizing and downsizing with clients is the tremendous and positive feedback received during the entire process. One client in particular that I have been working with for the last few weeks has experienced an amazing transformation, both in her space at home and in her personal life in general.

Embarrassed and unable to enjoy her home

Before she picked up the phone to call me for help she had been living in her rented 2 bedroom home for a few years without being able to actually cook meals in her kitchen, sit down in her living room or work in her office. She rarely had friends or family over as she was embarrassed by the condition of her living space and felt socially isolated in this regard.  A professional career woman with an active sports life, she was not only rarely home to tackle an organizing project, but she was also challenged with complicated family and work issues that appeared to overcome her ability to live in a healthy and functional way.

The beginning of change

Her phone call to me changed her life. Finally being able to see the problem, having the support of family and being in a position to want change to occur she called me for an initial consultation and needs assessment.

She presented as a wonderfully kind and funny individual with a great sense of humour who was clearly struggling to get her life in order.  During the assessment she became quite emotional at times, identified her embarrassment at having me see her place in the state it was yet was excited to get the project started.

Where do we start?

It was easy for me to see where we had to start in her home.  There was an extremely limited amount of storage space available so creativity was the name of the game and we targeted the only actual “storage room” (the furnace/dryer area) to begin. This cluttered, small room was the first space one actually viewed when coming in the front door.  This room had no door itself and with no effective way to store items, everything was haphazardly tossed in with little room to even reach the dryer for laundry. It certainly was not a nice view for the client when coming home from a hectic day at work.

First order of business is to create some storage space

Therefore, before we could even start to organize any other space in her home we first needed to create some functional storage in this particular room.  It currently only had one small shelf and a hanging rod which was beginning to loosen from the wall. In the space was also the dryer, hot water tank, a plethora of sports equipment, clothes, cleaning supplies, foot wear and miscellaneous items that were not readily accessible.

It’s hard for me to explain how excited I was to begin this project. I had wished I could begin that very day however there was some planning to take care of, some homework to assign the client as well as some preliminary items for me to pick up on behalf of the client so we could get that particular space set up, organized and ready for the storage of items that were in fact relevant to this client’s current life.

My client was completely on board with the project, expressed a great amount of enthusiasm and we were both itching to get started! I’m so lucky to be able to make such positive change in my client’s lives. My next few posts will follow this project along as we give this wonderful lady her life back!

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