5 Secrets of a Professional Organizer

You know that old saying that a magician never tells how he performs a trick? Well, I am going to tell you some of the secrets that we as Professional Organizers use to help get you organized.

clear counters in ktichen

1) Use clear containers.

Simple, right? Clear containers, no matter what size, allow you to see what has been stored. I’m not talking about those containers you use once a year for Christmas decorations that are marked “Indoor Xmas decorations” and “Outdoor Lights”. I’m talking about those containers that are brought out frequently to change wardrobes and the like, even the ones that are used for food storage. I see so many people hauling out containers with labels that have fallen off to get something only to find they have the wrong container.

clear storage containers

2) Flat surfaces are the enemy.

The first thing I do when I walk into a room that needs organizing is to assess the horizontal surfaces. The bigger they are the better chance of having items dumped on them to “put away later”. There is no easier way to make a room look de-cluttered than just keeping the flat surfaces free of stuff.

3) Kitchen shelves can be adjusted.

We do a lot of kitchen organizing and most homes have shelves that can be adjusted. You would be surprised at how much more room you can create and how better organized and functional your storage can be by simply adjusting a couple of shelves either up or down.


4) Hang it one way, put it back in reverse.

I have used this trick on my husband. Hang the hangers in your closet on the closet rod backwards. When something is worn or laundered put it back facing the other way. After a couple of months check to see what is left hanging in the backward direction. These will be items that have not been worn during this time. So the question is……… do you really need it taking up space in your closet if you don’t wear it?

5) Shoe bags.

Every home should have them. Not only are hanging shoe bags great for maximizing the storage capacity for shoes and minimizing their horizontal footprint in your home, they are also great for storing soft hats, scarves and mittens.

hanging shoe pouch bag

We have also used them for storing shoe accessories in a front hall closet, for pet accessories and for stuffed animals in a kids’ room. We have even used certain types for the back side of a bathroom door to create more space and storage for bath accessories like hair dryers, straighteners, shampoos, etc.

There you have it, 5 secrets of the trade. Oh, there are many more and I could tell you but then I would have to ………….!