5 Emotions That Chain You To Clutter

emotions chaining you to clutter

We as people, care about stuff. We get attached to things for a variety of different reasons and this is normal. However, when we become emotional attached to too many things it will lead to clutter and clutter by itself will bring with it a whole host of issues like expense, stress, space and being in a state of disorganization. Let’s look at five emotions that may be chaining you to your clutter.


Are you hanging on to items that used to belong to a loved one? An emotional attachment to items is tough to break. Be assured, you don’t have to keep everything that is given to you, no matter who gave it to you. Determine what’s worth keeping and give yourself the OK to donate, sell or trash the rest. ClutterBGone has helped many clients sift through their sentimental items and create wonderful ways to store or display what’s kept.


Some people accumulate things to feel good about themselves. The idea of one’s self worth is not determined by the amount of “stuff” they own. Your possessions are not an extension of you. A lot of peoples’ self confidence comes with the items that they own, whether they realize it or not.


Clutter has a profound effect on our mood and self esteem. A study conducted by a U.S. psychologist confirmed a link between clutter and depression. Sometimes the levels of depression were even higher than in some OCD participants. We all want a neat and organized space but not all of us have the time nor the tools to maintain it. That is where ClutterBGone comes in. We love seeing the changes in moods and outlooks after we have completed projects in many of our clients’ homes.


What do a lot of people do when they’re bored? emotions chaining you to clutterThey go shopping! Shopping has almost become a sport. Have you seen the malls on weekends? If you go shopping when you’re bored, you know you’re going to be purchasing items that you really don’t need. Make a point of jotting down exactly what you’re going shopping for and stick to that list. Better yet, keep your hobbies, books, music, whatever you like to do, nearby. Spend time with the family doing things. Make a list of things you want to do when you get bored and start working on that list by yourself or with friends and family.


Clutter creates frustration. Trying to find something in your disorganized closet or walking into a room full of clutter can create a feeling of complete frustration. Or maybe you have organized a room only to see it disorganized again a days later. We see this all the time and have the experience and tools to get your clutter under control and keep it that way.

If you recognize any of these emotions when it comes to clutter in your life, then it is time to bring in a professional organizer to help. ClutterBGone has been serving the GTA for over 7 years now and would love to help free you from the emotions of clutter. Just contact us here to get started.