downsizing tips for seniors

5 Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Downsizing is an emotional challenge for some seniors while to others, it’s a joy – it all depends on preparation. Most seniors enjoy more free time by moving to a smaller house that requires less upkeep. These are the seniors who are open to the idea of downsizing. Before the time comes, it’s important for seniors to sit and discuss downsizing options with their family or friends. Here are a few downsizing tips for seniors:

Downsizing Tip 1: Plan ahead

Planning is the essential component of downsizing for seniors. The conversation around downsizing should start as early as possible. Let the senior know you respect their freedom of choice. Discuss with them why they should consider moving, where they will be moving to and the moving budget. Compare the costs of moving to the new space and all the pros of the new space compared to the current space.

Downsizing Tip 2: Start small

Start sorting out things as early as possible and start with the smaller rooms. Sort all the things you want to get rid of room by room. Starting with the smaller rooms first may be less overwhelming than diving into the bigger ones first.

For this, start early and start getting rid of things one by one. You can start donating what you don’t need or selling them as early as the decision to move is made.

downsizing tips for seniors

Downsizing Tip 3: Eliminate the rooms absent in the new home

Before you even start donating things, make sure you eliminate the things in the rooms that you don’t have in the new house. Some of these rooms house important items that you just can’t get rid of. Relocate these to other rooms in the new space and donate, sell, or toss the others you don’t need.

Downsizing Tip 4: Declutter

When it comes to moving, getting rid of what you don’t use isn’t an option. Make two piles, the yes and no piles – but no ‘maybes’. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a maybe pile that is bigger than the other two. Take a good look at every item in the house and if it’s not something you use regularly, that’s a no and if you use it regularly, it’s a yes.

Downsizing Tip 5: Consider legacy gifts

Seniors have a hard time letting go of some things. There will be items that the senior can’t or won’t let go of, and that’s alright. The antiques and other sentimental items don’t have to go as long as they don’t impede the move. Let the senior decide on what to do with the sentimental items that won’t fit in the new home. Most prefer giving these special items to family as a sign of gratitude. Just always ensure that they know they have a voice in the move.

Downsizing for seniors isn’t easy but if you have a plan and clear communication, moving can be a smooth and peaceful transition. Remember not to force anything, simply suggest and wait for them to make a choice.

If ClutterBGone can be of any assistance in your transition process, reach out to us here! Sometimes just a little extra support and guidance is all you need.