Post-Christmas Organizing

Your Post-Christmas Organization Checklist

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Getting the family together, eating delicious food, and watching the joy on their faces as they open carefully-chosen gifts brings many happy moments. But the holiday season can leave a lot of “stuff” in the house. This checklist can help you to stay organized at home after Christmas.

Get Rid of the Packaging

The boxes and other types of packaging around items can take up a lot of space. So, the first step in having a clutter-free house again is opening items and removing the packaging.

Make sure you keep any instruction manuals. Recycle what you can, of course.

Donate Extra Toys

Your kids likely received new toys, and now you may have duplicates or feel like there’s simply too many of them for space you have at home. If so, why not donate gently used dolls and other toys to a local charity? Encourage your little ones to pick out a few that they think other children would like to play with to get them more comfortable with letting go.

Find Places for New Things

Where do the opened gifts belong? From the kitchen to the playroom, decide the best places to store them. If the space is tight, perhaps you start taking items you rarely use to charity to make room. Or you might get creative and put up shelving on walls to house them or create other storage solutions. If items are broken, dispose of them in the appropriate ways.

post-christmas organizing

Holiday Decor Takedown

Taking down the holiday decorations and tree can be a time-consuming process as many items are fragile and oddly shaped. But it’s well worth it when next year comes, and your precious decorations are not broken or warped and organized in a way that makes sense when unpacking them.

Get Replacement Items

While you might be tired of Christmas by the time it ends, there are many great sales on holiday items in the days following the big day. Thinking ahead, look at what you can get on clearance to use next year. You will likely need a new string of lights, for example.


Cleaning up is a process, so start with vacuuming the carpets one day and then wiping down countertops the next day. Spacing out the tasks helps keep them from becoming overwhelming. Assign age-appropriate tasks to your kids, too, to get them involved and help with the workload.

Redecorate and Rejoice

Now that the holiday decor is put away, the house might seem a bit bare. Bring out the everyday items again that make your house cozy and familiar.

Finally, take a step back and feel good about the efforts you’ve put into organizing and decluttering the home after the holidays. You ought to feel good about doing it properly as it will make things so much better come next Christmas!

We wish you a wonderful New Year, in both heart and home. May you be safe, healthy, and happy. From all of us at the ClutterBGone team, Happy Holidays!