guide to organizing the fridge

Your Guide to Organizing the Fridge

When you look in the refrigerator at home, do you sigh at how disorganized it looks? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are dissatisfied with clutter in their homes, including inside the fridge. While guests might not see it, you know it’s there, plus you want to see quickly what is on the shelves. To help you finally tackle this project, try the suggestions here.

Think about Food Safety

Have you ever thought about organizing the fridge according to how you cook different foods? If not, our professionals encourage you to do so. This approach puts food safety as the focus of where to put things within the refrigerator.

For example, group items together that do not require cooking at all. That includes leftovers and ready-to-eat foods like yogurt and cheese.

The no-cook dishes go at the top of the fridge, while those that need cooking to be safe to eat are at the fridge’s bottom part, such as raw chicken. This organizational approach helps prevent cross-contamination as foods high up dripping down to lower shelves won’t jeopardize your health.

What about the Fridge Door? guide to organizing your fridge

Compartmentalizing the door makes it easy to see where the item is that you want, which saves you time. To help you do so, put labels on the door by where you put each type of item, such as “salad dressings” on the first shelf.

Avoid storing items like milk that easily spoil on the door as it is a warm spot in the fridge. Instead, store the jug of milk in the middle of the fridge, which has the most stable temperature.

Add Storage Bins

Just as you would use storage containers on shelves elsewhere in the home to stay organized, you can do so inside of the fridge too. For example, try keeping fruit in bowls or eggs in a plastic container.

Clear bins make it easy to see what you have already in the fridge so you’re less likely to buy a duplicate next time you go grocery shopping. You can even have a container for snacks for the kids after school that holds yogurt, grapes, and mini cheeses.

Declutter the Freezer Too

When organizing the fridge, pay attention to the freezer section too. Create areas in it for certain foods, such as bread, leftovers, vegetables, and more.

Make it a habit to label and date everything that goes into the freezer. This way, you will know what everything is and what you’ve had in there a long time. Then decide what to use up first and avoid having mystery bags of foods that you cannot identify anymore.

Final Words on Organizing the Refrigerator Well

The tips above will not only save your sanity but also help reduce food waste. You may find that your grocery bill is lower than usual because you can eat more food before the expiry date, as you know what is in the fridge and freezer.

Get more creative tips for organizing your kitchen by reaching out to our professionals today. We can help you organize any area of the house to increase its functionality and so that you enjoy a decluttered space.