Will You Resolve to Get Organized in Toronto This Year?

get organized in Toronto

Are you one of those people that ring in the New Year with resolutions? Personally, I don’t but many of you likely do. If getting better organized is one of your New Years resolutions then help is just a click away.

One in, one out rule

This is the perfect time to implement this rule with all the new items you purchased or received over the holidays. get organized in the new yearDid you receive a new item of clothing that you kept? Great! Did you donate, give away or toss a piece of clothing to make room for it? Follow the simple one in and one out rule to reduce the clutter that accumulates and keep clutter at bay.

Do you really love it?

Over the last few years this has become a mantra of mine. Unless I really love something, I won’t buy it. This doesn’t just apply to clothing but to all of my household purchases. Why purchase something that you really don’t just love? I’m obviously not talking about the necessities in life, just the things you buy that you would like to have.

Go paperless

Paper can be the biggest cause of clutter in your Toronto home and we work with you to reduce your paper clutter and set up a system to maintain a streamlined and clutter free system in your home. get organized in the new yearMost of your bills can be automatically paid through your bank now with receipts and even advance reminders coming to your inbox. And then you don’t have to worry about losing a bill or being charged for a late fee. Do you still receive magazines and newspapers? If so, make sure to recycle them before the next issue comes in or better yet, go electronic.

Be charitable this year

Charities are always looking for donations to assist those that are less fortunate and can use what you no longer require. Locate your favourite charity in town and feel good about helping others.

Hire a professional!

Just like hiring a gardener or a handyman, a Toronto and York Region professional organizer is trained in all facets of organizing and downsizing and follows the rules and a code of ethics set out by our association. We have the skills and the contacts to help you downsize, organize, move and much more.

So, if you have a resolution to get better organized ClutterBGone would love to help you start the year off clutter free!