Why Downsizing isn’t Just for Empty Nesters

Are you thinking about downsizing or moving to a smaller home? Even if you’re not an empty nester, there are still plenty of great reasons to do so.

Save Money

When you move to a house with less space than your previous one, a major benefit that many people experience is greater cash flow. You will have smaller mortgage payments than before to put toward other things, such as saving money or paying down debts. If you’re significantly reducing the living space, you might even be able to pay cash for the new abode from the profits of your last one.

Another way your family will potentially benefit financially is by having lower utility bills. They will be greatly reduced because you won’t have as much space to heat or cool as before. Thus, if you’re looking to save money, downsizing can be a great plan.


Less Stress and Effort

Does maintaining a big house overwhelm you? From cleaning multiple bathrooms to mowing the lawn, painting touchups, siding repair, and countless other tasks, there is a lot to keep up with as a homeowner of a large property. Each season comes with its own set of home improvement activities.

By moving to a smaller home, you can reduce the stress that accompanies a big workload. Having a smaller area to clean indoors, as well as a smaller garden and grass to maintain can free you up for the things you’d rather be doing instead.

Whether you want to try a new sport, read more books, or simply enjoy resting after a busy day, having more time for the things you enjoy is a great reason to consider downsizing. Having less to clean and manage also is a great idea for those who have health or mobility limitations.

More Reasons to Downsize Your Home

There are even more potential benefits to downsizing that you could enjoy soon. For example, you will likely find that you buy fewer things for the home than before, simply because you have less room to store the possessions.

Buying fewer items puts more money in your wallet or in your bank account for retirement. Speaking of the golden years, you might want to downsize a few years before you plan to stop working. That way, you can save money to ensure you have a comfortable retirement.

How to Downsize Properly

Now that you’re looking forward to what’s ahead, what is the best way to downsize? It begins with decluttering, and ideally doing so three months in advance of the move.

Begin with the big furniture items, such as couches and tables, and decide what will fit into your smaller home. Parting with extra items now will save you from having to pay to either move them or to keep them into a storage locker. Consider donating gently-used items to help others.

Next, go through your belongings room by room, deciding what to keep, sell, toss, or donate. Our professional organizers make moving less stressful by helping you every step of the way, from organizing and packing at your residence to unpacking and settling in at the new one.

We can even help you organize the home so that it looks the best when you first put it up for sale. Find out more when you contact us today!