Who Knew Being Organized Was Sexy?


IKEA recently conducted a survey in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal and found that 31% of respondents felt more satisfied after reorganizing a closet than after having sex. I don’t know if this says more about being organized or perhaps just more about their sex life (lol), but there are many benefits to being organized and here are just a few.

You’ll have more time for more important stuff

The first thing that pops into my mind after reading this blog title is that perhaps you have more time to spend with your partner and focus on what you guys are passionate about. Clutter can cause tension and conflict in a relationship, which obviously has an impact in the bedroom. There are of course a million other things that you can do with your time other than constantly trying to cut through the clutter to get organized.

You now have the time to pamper yourself, plan your meals, get caught up with that book or finally get around to binge watching that television series you’ve wanted to start. Whatever it is you want to do with that time, it is now available to you.

Where did that extra space come from?

Have you been complaining about the lack of space in your home and are convinced that you need to upgrade, renovate or move? The majority of people that bite the bullet and get organized suddenly find additional space that they were convinced they didn’t have. And that may be without even discarding anything.

Organized space

We have some pretty creative ways to maximize your existing space and carve out newly found areas to work with. Throw in a little downsizing and purging in with organizing and you’ll find that you have enough space for everything.

Where did that extra cash come from?

It’s true. Organized people save money. Time is money and you’ll spend less time looking for things. You also won’t spend money on duplicate items not knowing you have one “somewhere”.

You don’t take as many trips to the store because you can’t find what you’re looking for. And, you won’t throw as much spoiled items out because you know what you have, properly stored and easily accessible.

Organized people are more social

There’s a good chance that you feel embarrassed about the condition of your home if you are challenged with chronic disorganization or just very disorganized. You don’t want others to see how disorganized you are so you try to avoid visitors coming to your house or make excuses to go to their place instead. Get organized and improve your social life! It will be an enormous weight off your shoulders.

Improve your health

Being organized can improve both your emotional and physical health. According to a U.S. study of women who felt that their homes were cluttered or full of unfinished projects felt more depressed and fatigued than those that felt that they were organized.

Organized Home in Toronto

Clutter can affect your mood, your sleep, your health and more. People who work in an organized kitchen are more apt to choose healthier options to prepare for a meal. People in disorganized kitchens tend to grab what is close or quick to prepare often giving in to poorer choices.

So, whether you would prefer to spend time organizing or spending time in the boudoir there are many valid reasons to get organized. If you want to learn more about how to create more space and save you time, contact me here and I would be happy to chat.