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What to Declutter before Listing Your Home

When someone is interested in buying your home, they want to see every part of it. They look in every nook and cranny, so it’s vital to have the rooms looking their best. That involves maximizing the space by reducing clutter. Help house hunters envision themselves living there by organizing it well and preparing to put it on the market. These tips can help you do exactly that.

Begin Outside

Good curb appeal is essential. In other words, put in the time and effort to make your home look great from the street when a potential buyer first sees it. Doing so can increase your home’s value and even get you an offer sooner.

That means giving your front door, outdoor lighting, and any outdoor living spaces a once-over to make sure they look fantastic. A fresh coat of paint or stain on the front door and a trim lawn could make a huge difference. As for a rundown-looking exterior, it might put off buyers who assume the inside needs a lot of work.

Create a Warm Entranceway

The entryway is their first impression of the house, so make it look clean and welcoming. That involves removing any clutter, such as mail, newspapers, and extra clothes.

Also, consider adding a coat rack for visitors to hang their jackets when they come to the open house. It encourages them to enter and look around. A glamourous lighting fixture in the entrance can also create interest and excitement.

clean entranceway

Clear Closets

A big draw for many potential buyers is having plenty of storage space. To help the closets look spacious, box up any off-season items and donate those you no longer use or need.

Organize the clothes by type (shirts, pants, etc.) for a clean look. Finally, if you have a walk-in closet, add a mirror to reflect the light and make the space look more open.

Make the Living Room the Star

Begin by painting, if needed, and then removing smaller furniture items to open the room up. Remove personal photos too so that anyone attending the open house can start to see their own families living there.

Also, clear off surfaces, except for lamps and one or two pieces of decor for a clutter-free space – the fewer items in the living room, the cleaner its appearance.

Declutter Your Kitchen Too

The kitchen is another room that many folks will scrutinize in a house for sale. So, it makes sense to declutter the cabinets and drawers in this room.

Rather than stressing yourself out, spread the task over several days, and limit yourself to 30 minutes each day. Group similar items together (pots and pans, plastic containers, etc.). Be sure to remove most things from the countertops, too, for a clean appearance.

Consider adding organizing systems too that provide more vertical space. Well-organized drawers and cabinets make an outstanding first impression.

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