Ways You Can Be Organized

ways to be organized

At ClutterBGone we specialize in helping people become organized and take advantage of the space they have. During our initial consultations we see a number of ways that people could easily become more organized without investing a lot of time or money. This normally involves a bit of discipline but if you can commit to the procedures you can see immediate results. For those do-it-your-selfers, here are a number of ways to quickly and efficiently make your home more organized.

Incoming mail

Whether you still have door to door mail delivery or have to travel to the “super” boxes to get your mail you have probably noticed that most mail delivered these days is of the “junk” variety. ways to be organizedWith many of us now receiving and paying our bills on line what’s left to deliver is usually flyers announcing a new home for sale or special offers for the product of the day. The hallway table is an area where we see an accumulation of mail, school papers, etc. that can quickly acted upon. Once picked up ensure that anything you are truly not interested in is deposited into the recycle bin.

Ask for help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It takes strength to recognize that you need help and more so to ask for it. You know your limitations and often a fresh set of eyes can see things differently and help you purge, sell or donate a lot faster than you could by yourself.

Saving items for emotional reasons

I’ve seen clients saving items from their deceased parents for emotional reasons. downsizing in torontoThere is nothing wrong with that to a point. But at some point you have to realize that not everything holds a financial or personal value to you. Your parents probably wouldn’t want you burdened with things you won’t use either. Try creating a treasure box to save and showcase the truly valuable mementoes from your parents. ClutterBGone also has other ways to save and display your memories.

There really is enough room

Everybody is downsizing, space is at a premium and homes are getting smaller but if you really tried I bet you could find the room for more items that you really need. Basic closets come with one closet rod. It’s really easy, and economical, to add another closet rod to double your space. No room to store your winter duvet? How about a storage box under the bed? The list could go on. Of course, we know a lot more easy and economical ways to organize and save space.

Use the KISS approach

Keep it simple. You could spend days thinking of how to organize or downsize but really there are many great systems and ideas out there that require minimal time and dollars. Read up on the newest ideas or visit your closest organizing products store.

Stop for a moment and take a real hard look at what you are trying to accomplish. It does not have to be that hard. If you need outside help, contact us at ClutterBGone. We have lots of experience in organizing spaces of every size.