How Does Virtual Organizing Work?

virtual organizing

We get a lot of inquiries regarding virtual organizing. Most of the inquiries ask about the process and how it works. Here’s a bit of a summary for those of you that may be thinking about virtual organizing services for yourself.

The initial consult

The initial consult for a virtual organizing session is not much different than one of a job where we would be on site with you. We will “meet” electronically to determine what area of your home or office is causing you grief and you show us virtually the area to be worked on. We will assess your skill level, time availability and the timeframe in which you wish to complete the project. From there we will create a schedule of what needs to be done, what you require for the job and how often we will meet for updates and advice.

The first session

At our first session we will walk you through the process of downsizing and organizing your space. Virtual organizingYou do the work, we do the coaching and the cheering. We will be with you each step of the way through Zoom an electronic communication system. We will share with you our years of experience in organizing every type of space there is.

Going forward

After our first session we will summarize the work you have done and what is left to do. There will be homework of course and we will schedule our next meeting to check in on your results. You set the calendar and determine when the work will be completed. We are there acting as your coach and partner through the whole process. We share our tips and our knowledge with you and are there to support you every step of the way.

What you will get out of it

If you are a self-starter, or are on a budget, or live in a rural area that is not served by a local professional organizer then virtual organizing can work for you. Virtual organizing GTAWith our assistance you will get that kitchen organized, finally reclaim your storage space and actually be able to walk into your walk-in closet. Whatever space has been causing you anxiety will be organized and clutter free when we are done. We will also ensure you have a system in place to keep it that way. Just like we do when we work on site.

The difference between on site and virtual organizing

Besides the fact that we are physically on site, the difference is that you are doing the actual physical work of sorting and organizing your space following our direction. You receive the same great service provided by a fully trained and experienced professional organizer. We listen to you, we support you and we guarantee our service.

Who hasn’t tried to downsize and organize on their own but just couldn’t complete the task? With virtual organizing you can do it on your own with some professional assistance.

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