Unpacking after Moving

Unpacking after Moving: A Timeline to Keep You on Track

Moving is an exciting time as it means the start of a new chapter. It often involves stress, though, as you plan out how best to get through the process. After all, it’s not likely something that you do regularly. To help you after move-in day, when you find yourself amidst boxes, refer to this timeline to start to settle into your new home.

The First Day

While it is tempting to set out on the first day to unpack all or most of the boxes, that puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders. As soon as you get into the new place, unpack any perishables from your previous home and put them into the fridge or freezer.

Also, unpack some basic items, such as plates, cups, utensils, a can opener, and a pot. That way, you will be able to fuel up on breaks while unpacking.

Focus on getting the main beds set up too. If you have beds for guest rooms, those can likely wait. But putting together the frames for the beds for you and your kids now is essential. If you have pets, put their beds in place too.

Add soap and towels to at least one bathroom too. Also, unbox essential toiletries too for that night and the following morning.

Unpacking after Moving

The Next Day

Next on the priority list is the closets and kitchen. Unbox the clothes that are likely to be worn that season. The garments for the rest of the year can wait.

Hanging them up or folding them as you go is ideal, rather than just throwing them into the bottom of the closet. Otherwise, you will be stuck sorting later, which only creates another task.

In the kitchen, put away the non-perishable food items. Also, unpack any everyday things that you have not yet put away in drawers or cupboards, such as the rest of the plates, drinkware, pots, and pans.

Over the Next Few Weeks

Now that the essentials are put away, you can unpack what you want over the next couple of weeks. For example, the TV room might be next on the agenda if you want to start having family movie nights together. Or maybe your home office needs setting up next so that you can begin to work again after taking time off for the move.

What is important here is that you only tackle one room at a time when it comes to unboxing and organizing. Otherwise, you risk becoming overwhelmed and not being as productive.

When unpacking each box, find a suitable place for each item, rather than haphazardly putting them on a shelf or the floor. If you decide certain things are no longer needed, sort them into piles for garbage (if broken), donation, or sale. Some items may also go best in storage areas in the basement or attic.

Making Your House a Home

Creating a space that is feels uniquely like your family is a process. As you unbox more things and find places to put them throughout the interior, it will begin to feel more like home.

If you are finding it difficult to carve out time to unbox or decide how to organize a room best, reach out to our friendly organizers for help. Our unpacking and move-in professionals make it easier for you and your family to settle in and help you do so in less time. Getting organized sooner helps you start to enjoy feeling at home!