Organizing Tips When Moving

Top Tips To Get Organized Once You’ve Moved

Moving into a new home can be an exciting but stressful time. Yet, it should also be seen as an excellent opportunity to examine all material possessions you own and to declutter. After all, a new home is a blank slate!

And here’s what you need to keep in mind: sometimes, organizing your new home starts while packing up the old one. Purge all those clothes you haven’t worn in years, old kitchenware, paper files, and anything you deem unnecessary for your new life from your packing boxes. Donate books to the local library, give old clothes that don’t fit to charity, or organize a garage sale for friends, family, and neighbors.

And when you have everything organized, here’s what you can do to make moving as painless as possible:

Color Code Your Boxes

Unmarked boxes are only good for guessing games. When moving, it’s paramount to know the contents of your boxes and which part of the house they correspond to. Color-coding your boxes with labels is one of the most effective ways to distinguish one from another and avoid wasting time. You can, for example, assign all boxes marked with yellow tape to the kitchen, all boxes marked with blue tape to the bathrooms, and so on. This way, once your boxes start coming off of the truck, you’ll be able to place them in the correct room straightaway.

yellow moving tape

Prepare A “Moving Essential Box”

Having a box with your must-have items for the new house can make unpacking much more comfortable. An essentials box could include anything from documents to toiletries, or just things that you don’t want getting lost in a sea of boxes, like your child’s favorite toy, some kitchen utensils, or the book you’re currently reading. Set this box aside to be packed in your car, not the moving truck, so that you can make sure you have it with you as soon as you move into your new place.

Unpack Room By Room

Yes, we know it: it’s extremely stressful to see dozens of boxes scattered around the house! Our advice to avoid getting lost in the sea of cardboard boxes is to focus on organizing your unpacking room by room. A lot of moving experts agree to start with the kitchen. The sooner you get the kitchen unpacked, the quicker you’ll be able to cook at home and save money on eating out or ordering take-out food. The kitchen is also the foundational building block for your home, which is why it makes sense to unpack it first.

Decorate Your House Later

As you unpack, you’ll start finding decor items with the rest of your things. This will make you feel the urge to put them around the house to see how it looks. Resist the impulse and be patient. Set those items aside and keep unpacking the boxes. This will help you stay focused and also prevent you from making unnecessary holes in your walls.

Set A Schedule

Whether you think it will take a few days, a month, or more, it’s essential to create a timeline with an estimated date when you want to be fully unpacked. Our advice? Plan for about 15 minutes per box of large items and not more than 40 minutes per box of smaller items. Try to stick to it.

Moving isn’t easy. The whole process requires a lot of time and energy, which not everyone has. If that’s your case, the best way to get organized for a move is to get assistance from professional organizers. This is something we can help you with! Learn more about our downsizing, transitions, packing, unpacking & move-in services and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts. We will be delighted to create a customized plan to make moving as smooth and fast as possible for you!