Decluttering During a Renovation

Top Tips for Decluttering during a Renovation

Whether you are taking down walls, expanding, or changing the home in another way, decluttering before and after the reno can simplify the process and help you get more out of it in the end. These tips from our professional organizers will help you get through it with less stress and more confidence.

Only Keep What is Needed

A great way to declutter is to go through each room and pick out the belongings that you no longer use. If you are unsure whether to keep something or not, consider how long it has been since you used it, where it will go in the remodeled home, and how difficult it is to move.

The time you take to make these decisions about what to keep and part with will help you save time later (and money). After the renovation, the last thing you want to do is have a lot of stuff that isn’t needed.

Decluttering Before a Renovation

Maintain Your Focus

If you try to do it all at once, you are likely to become overwhelmed. Instead, choose a room to begin decluttering and then select an area, such as a drawer, to focus on.

Take the drawer, empty it, and pick out only the needed items. Donate, sell, or give to friends and family anything that isn’t necessary. Repeat the process around the room until it is complete.

Before and After the Reno

Clearing away the clutter before the remodel begins makes sense as then you will have less upheaval when the process begins. After the reno, the organizing continues as you unpack and decide where to best place things and what to store where.

To get the most out of your updated home, it often makes sense to add organizational systems. For example, storage units and furniture that doubles as storage are great items to include.

Tackle the Paper and Clothes

If you have piles of paper around your place, now is the time to sort it. Decide what to keep, shred, or toss. Getting rid of unnecessary paper can be a freeing feeling!

Going through your clothes is also something that you’ll want to do. If you find this hard to do, simply letting go of those items that are worn, ripped, stained, or no longer fit is a way to pare down the bedroom closet.

Hire a Professional

You don’t have to do it all alone. Our pre/post home renovation service helps you to declutter and organize with a pro at your side before and after the upgrade.

Our professional organizer customizes the process based on your needs and preferences. That ensures that your reno goals are met within the allotted time frame.

From recommending ways to pare down your belongings to how to increase the utility of the new space, our friendly organizers have effective strategies to help you. We will also suggest ways to prevent clutter from returning, and we move at a comfortable pace for you.

Call us today for a free consultation. We are happy to help you from start to finish as you remodel with decluttering and organizing so you can get the most out of the new space!