Moving Hacks

These Moving Hacks Make Packing Much Easier

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving for many people. To help make the process smoother, find tips below that our professional organizers use when helping people move from one home to another.

Label Boxes in Detail

Rather than only writing “kitchen” on the box, add more detail. For example, you might write a list below that heading, such as:

  • Dishes
  • Tablecloths
  • Dishtowels

Adding these specifics will save you time later when looking for certain items amidst a dozen or so boxes all labeled “kitchen.” Also, write “breakable” when applicable.

Finally, label multiple sides of the box. That way, if your boxes are stacked against a wall in the new place, you’ll be able to read what is inside without having to move a ton of boxes to figure it out.

Moving Hacks

Put Items within Other Items

This trick saves a lot of space and boxes when done right. For example, put your spices into pots and containers you would be packing anyway, rather than putting them in separate boxes of their own. To keep the lids on pots, tie rubber bands between the two.

As for your clothes currently on hangers, there’s no need to take the garments off them. Instead, simply hang them in a garment box so you won’t have to rehang and iron them at your new house.

If you have suitcases, use them to hold small possessions too. They become like extra boxes! Plus, they’re easy to move with wheels on the bottom, which makes moving heavy items like books much easier. Laundry baskets and trash cans also can hold things conveniently.

Use Painter’s Tape

The tape isn’t for painting but instead is a valuable part of your packing supply kit. It can be useful for marking moving boxes, for example, if you’d rather than write on the box itself.

Also, the tape can hold loose hardware on furniture in place during the move. Painter’s tape also comes in handy for keeping drawers and doors closed, as well as taping screws and washers on the main items after disassembling them.

As it is sticky but not overly so, the tape isn’t likely to damage most surfaces. But, if in doubt, do the research beforehand as to whether to use it to ensure it won’t ruin your valuable property.

For the Immediate Items

You will need certain items on moving day and the following day, so these are ones to pack separately and keep close. Some people call it the “essentials box.”

Among the essentials for the household are toilet paper, dish soap, dish towel, all-purpose cleaner, drinks, snacks, coffee maker and coffee, can opener, and mini first aid kit. Also, plan to have a box of personal items to get through the first evening and morning at the new residence, including toiletries, toothbrush and toothpaste, and clothes.

Packing Help from the Pros

Whether you need help packing part or all your house, our organizers are happy to help you. We also offer unpacking services at your destination. Having someone by your side who has a lot of experience been doing this type of work can provide reassurance and keep everything on track. Reach out for more information today!