Their House is Always Clean: How Do They Do It?

Do you have a friend or family member whose home is always clean? Is it driving you up the wall trying to figure out how they stay on top of removing clutter and cleaning rooms? If so, here are some ways they keep a tidy home – and how you can do the same.

They Clear Countertops and Other Surfaces

Look at the kitchen countertop the next time you visit their place. It is probably clear of dishes, appliances, papers, and most other things. The same probably holds true for the dining table and several other surfaces.

While it is easy to toss the mail on the countertop or table, keeping surfaces tidy gives the room an organized appearance. If you are not already doing following this rule, now is the time to start.

They Regularly Go Through Their Stuff

While you might not consider yourself a collector or someone who keeps a lot of things, clutter can easily build up over time. Often, stuff accumulates in rooms without realizing it.

Those who have a clean house likely routinely go through and purge items to make room for new or to simply maintain an orderly space. For example, some people abide by the rule of donating a piece of clothing for every new one that they bring into their closet. Doing so helps prevent an abundance of belongings.

They Have a Cleaning Schedule

Most people who maintain an orderly house can do so because they follow a cleaning schedule. How often to clean depends on many factors, including the size of the interior and the number of people living there.

How you space out the cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming carpets and wiping down counters, during the week depends on what works well for you. For example, running the vacuum on Sundays might suit you if it is not a workday.

weekly cleaning schedule

They Return Things to Their Proper Place

Another trick to keeping a sense of order in the home is returning things to where they belong after use. Let’s say that you use a hammer to hang a picture on the wall. Do you return the hammer to the toolbox where it came from or leave it on a shelf in the room where you were working?

By returning items to their proper place after using them, you will have less to clean up by the end of the week. On a related note, if you don’t have set places for some of your items, start finding “homes” to put them in so the rooms look more put together.

They’re Smart about Storage

You might assume that they don’t have many possessions, so they’re able to keep a tidy house. But the reality is more likely to be that they use clever organizational systems.

Doing the same can help you keep items in ways that make them easily accessible yet often out of sight from your visitors. For example, consider storing jewelry in an over-the-door organizer or doing the same with your makeup.

They Worked with a Professional

Another way to keep a clean, clutter-free home is by teaming up with a professional. Our organizers can provide insights into the best ways to organize your unique home and offer tips to keep it tidy that work for your family.

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