Take Control of Time At Your Office And Stay Organized With These 5 Tips

With the return of kids back to school it also means that a lot of the work force will be returning to work after having taken time off for vacations with the family. Summer can be a slow time for a lot of offices but now that summer is over it is back to it in high gear. Here are some tips to help you stay organized and save time right out of the gate.

You can’t always be available

We all like to always be available and have an “open door” policy but face it – interruptions take away from your train of thought and can be frustrating when trying to concentrate.do not disturb

It’s OK to close the door when working on something to let others know you can’t be interrupted. Better yet, if you can schedule an hour or so each day or a time each week where you cannot be disturbed others will soon get used to that timeframe and leave you alone. You will get more accomplished and be more productive.

Junk the junk mail

Email has been the greatest thing since the proverbial sliced bread but also can be the bane of our existence. We get hundreds of emails each day and it is easy to trash the junk mail but what about the emails where you are copied and no response is required by you? Some people like to send emails to as many people as they can think of to cover there you know what. Others you receive because you were in the meeting or run the department. Unless there is an urgent requirement for you to keep the email, junk it or if you feel the need to keep these emails then move it to a designated file rather than clogging up your in box. Keep your in box clean so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you open your mail.

Plan the week ahead

Whether you keep an electronic calendar or a manual one, schedule your week in advance.

planner I would suggest that you do this on Sunday evenings or at the latest, first thing Monday morning. What’s that old saying? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Those that do not plan out their week are found to be unorganized and always in a state of chaos.

Know your time limits

There is not normally a “volunteer of the year” award at work. Limit your attendance to meaningless meetings. It is great to be involved in company events but volunteering to be in more than one or two committees is time consuming both on your professional and your personal life. Know when to say no and give yourself permission to do so.

Take time to clean and purge

Just like taking time to yourself to get work done it is equally important to take the time each week to clean and organize your work space. A lot of mail and memos can be accumulated during the week making your desk look like a giant recycle bin. Take 10 minutes each day before you leave to tidy things up. I like to do so every day so when I come back to the office I am looking at a neat work space that doesn’t stress me out right from the beginning of the day.

Now that you are back into work mode we are sure these suggestions will help you stay organized and minimize stress at your office. If you need assistance in getting your office or work space organized for better productivity contact us at ClutterBGone.