decluttering when downsizing

Decluttering Hacks for Downsizing Your Home

Decluttering a home because you are downsizing can be an anxious feeling. You are probably feeling like you will need to make some hard choices with what stays and what comes with you. The key to decluttering when downsizing is to get rid of things in your life that you don’t need, while keeping what you need. It sounds simple enough, right?

However, when it gets down to reviewing specific items, you may feel like you are overwhelmed with how many choices you have to make. We’re going to make the whole process easier for you by giving you some neat decluttering hacks for when you have to downsize your home.

Follow the 1 Year Rule

You are naturally going to try and hang onto things that, practically-speaking, you should just get rid of. We are talking about sentimental things and items that you feel may be used some day. However, if you haven’t used something within the past year, you probably won’t be using it in the coming year either. If you probably won’t use it the coming year, you probably will never use it at all. Let this time of downsizing finally be the time when you part with things that you aren’t using.

take pictures when decluttering

Take Photos of Sentimental Items

Some things are truly sentimental with memories that you simply find unbearable to part with. Not to worry! There’s a solution for that, which is to take photos of them. This is especially useful for unique and bulky things that will take up too much space in a downsized home. Memories last a lifetime, but having pictures of your sentimental items can help those memories stay fresh. Besides, you can have as many photos as you want, since digital photos take up no physical space.

Now that you know some decluttering hacks, the whole process of decluttering while downsizing should be easier for you. If you are still feeling overwhelmed with the whole process, that’s alright! ClutterBGone can help you with the entire process, so you can focus on other aspects of your move. Downsizing your home can be stressful enough, so make it easier on yourself and have a helping hand from professionals who know how to make the decluttering process a smooth one.

professional organizer help with moving

Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer When Moving

The average person will likely move up to 10 times in their lifetime. Shocking – I know! The mindset of a move creates an enormous amount of stress – even if the move is a positive one. Planning and organizing a move requires extra energy and time that we may not have in our already busy lives. Searching for our new home, arranging movers, turning services on or off, packing and unpacking. These become extra projects to manage during our non-working hours. A professional organizer can offer support from logistics to action-plans.  There are many reasons to hire a professional organizer prior to moving but we will share just a few with you here.


Professional Organizers often get called upon to assist with the task of getting organized prior to and during a move. They can assist with tasks such as providing a packing strategy, helping you decide which items to take and which to donate or toss. Juggling a variety of moving tasks isn’t easy. However, with the right organizational ‘know-how’, it can be done.

help with moving


Let’s not underestimate how expensive a move can become. There’s time taken off work, money spent on moving trucks or support, not to mention eating out costs because your kitchen is in disarray! If you hire a professional organizer for just one thing – let them help you unpack and organize your kitchen in your new home. If you’ve ever moved before, you know all too well how much time it takes just to un-pack and organize this one highly-valued room! Let the professionals tackle the load of unpacking while you get some work done, go grocery shopping, or better yet – take a nap!

Downsize, Donate or Ditch

Professional Organizers can help you decide what to do with all of your belongings prior to the move. There will be items you want to move and items you’re unsure what to do with. An organizer will help you decide whether or not to donate items and will even have suggestions on where to donate your items. They can advise you to throw out items with no value and they’ll help you decide which items to take and help you sort, pack and label by room to make for an easy transition when unpacking.

Moving is considered one of the five most stressful events in life. We at ClutterBGone’s don’t want you to go it alone. Our Professional Organizing team specializes in making all aspects of your move as stress-free as possible. Call us today for a free consultation.

How To Organize Your Car

An organized car, like an organized office, makes spending time there a lot nicer.

We spend a lot of time in our cars. From driving to work in the morning in rush hour to shopping, visiting friends or family, running kids to events or even just for the pleasure of driving, there is hardly a day that goes by that you don’t get into your car.

For many people their car shows off their personality and tells the world a little bit about themselves. A fast sports car, a large family car, a working truck all say something about their drivers. How we look after our cars tells people something as well.

We never want to come across as disorganized. An organized car shows people that you are an organized person. Sometimes, though, we don’t have the time to pay enough attention to these things.

If you’re constantly losing and searching for items in your car, suffering constant breakdowns and embarrassed about anyone seeing the inside of your vehicle, it might be time to organize your car.

So, how do I organize my car?

An organized car is one that is clean, tidy, well-maintained and provisioned. It’s easy to do and is well worth the pay off.

To start with, completely empty out your car including the trunk. It’s best to start with a clean slate. To this we can add, rather than take away. It’s also a great chance to clean your car and find lost items. Grab a garbage bag and throw away any rubbish, hoover it out, and clean any surfaces and windows. The first time might take a while, but it will be quicker and easier the next time.

Organizing your documents is the most important thing to do. Insurance and registration should always be with you. But maintenance records, owner’s manual, and receipts are useful to carry around as well. I like to put mine in a folder with separate pockets. You can put this underneath the driver’s seat if your glove box isn’t big enough.

Keep a page with a note of the last time your car had an oil change, new tires or brakes, and an engine service among other things in the folder as well. This will focus your mind on getting those things done before something breaks down. A well maintained and organized car won’t let you down and will be cheaper to run in the long term.

The trunk is a great place to keep bulkier items. If your car does breakdown, or you get stuck somewhere in bad weather, being well organized and prepared will make a world of difference. Besides the obligatory spare tire, keep a fully stocked first aid kit, blanket, bottled water, jumper cables and a fresh pair of socks. Trust me on the socks.

Finally, a roll of garbage bags, a pack of wipes and some emergency cash in your glove box will come in handy. You can hide the cash in an envelope if you are worried about it.

A car is a tool. The better we treat it, the more useful it will become. A car helps you get places. An organized car just makes the journey more enjoyable! Call us if you need some help!