cost of hiring a professional organizer

How Much Does A Professional Organizer Cost?

Are you interested in hiring a professional organizer but concerned about the expense? Let us help clarify the costs associated with hiring a professional organizer!

First off, there is no specific answer to this question. Each organizer or agency will most likely charge different rates. This can be dependent on a range of different factors. Some of these can include the experience of the organizer or the specific needs of each project.

The good news is that most organizers provide an initial thorough consultation with their client. From our experience,  the cost of a consultation assessment can cost clients anywhere from $75-$250 and can take anywhere from one hour to an hour and half and upwards (depending on the number of spaces being assessed and how much detail clients which to provide). The consultations  will help the organizer get a rough idea of the volume and scope of the project but also an in depth understanding of their client. Each person and home are unique, so this initial consultation is essential for the client to understand how much and how long a project will be. Let us outline some of the factors taken into consideration that can influence the cost of this service below:

Project timeline

This can depend on many different things such as the involvement of the client and the size of the home. cost of hiring a professional organizer

Personal client goals

Not everyone wants a total makeover. Some people may just want to regain control of their living spaces. Each specific need and request need to be taken into account to provide an accurate quote.

Space issues

If a home is difficult to move around freely in this can have a significant impact on the time it will take to de-clutter and organize each room.

The availability of storage space

This is an important aspect that many people don’t consider. A large part of organizing is reordering storage space. This entails finding easy and clear places for the client to locate important items. If there isn’t much storage space to work with, this can impact the time frame of the project. The organizer and client may need to get creative with innovative storage solutions!

Any foreseeable psychological challenges

This can include any number of things and will be ascertained during the consultation interview. An example of a psychological challenge may be a client clearing out their home while grieving the loss of a partner. This is a significantly different project with specific needs. It may require a longer time frame than an average organizing session. The sensitive and emotional nature of each project must be taken into account.

Physical constraints

This could entail a variety of physical situations that could be important when providing a price estimate. For example, the home could be on a top-story with no elevator!

A consultant will take stock of all of these features and provide a thorough estimate at the future cost of hiring a professional organizer. For an estimate, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you begin your journey to a more organized lifestyle!

the difference between a professional organizer and a cleaner_

Professional Organizer or Cleaning Service?

What’s the difference between a professional organizer and a cleaner? How do they compare, and which one is best suited for your lifestyle? 

What’s a professional organizer?

A professional organizer is a trained and seasoned professional that teaches important organizing skills. Organizing may seem like a small thing but it’s essential to learn how to order the chaos of everyday life. An organizer will teach the client innovative and forward-thinking techniques to get in control of their household. On top of this, a professional organizer will also ensure that these methods are sustainable for their client’s day to day life, providing systems and homes for their client’s items. The end goal is to seamlessly integrate these lifestyle changes into the clients’ daily routine.

What does a professional organizer do?

When most people imagine an organizer, they start to get a little anxious. Do I want a stranger to tell me how to run my life? Will they make me throw everything away? Well, it’s a lot simpler then you think!

An expert organizer helps people to develop tried and tested techniques to bring order to their living space. This not only helps with maintaining a clean and tidy home but also managing daily stress and anxiety. Living in a home where every object has its place and is easy to find can have a significant impact on day-to-day life. De-cluttering the difference between a professional organizer and a cleaner_your home and discovering an organizing method or system that works best for you can be life-changing.

A professional organizer is friendly, open, and a great listener. They are dedicated to discovering the best solutions for their clients. It’s not about creating a perfect minimalistic space, but focusing on the clients’ goals and making their dream home a reality. A professional organizer understands it’s okay to want to live in abundance with the things you love, we just help to filter the things that you don’t love so you can make more room to enjoy the things you do.

What does a cleaning service entail?

A cleaning service is quite straightforward. A cleaner is an employee who regularly completes household chores. These duties may include washing the dishes, vacuuming floors, and completing laundry.  A cleaning service can be helpful to get control of the household mess and chaos. Yet, a cleaning service doesn’t instill life changes, values, systems or methods. An organizer not only helps you to organize effectively but also encourage you to take pride of your possessions and home.

In comparison to a cleaning service, an expert organizer can be a game changer. They can help to completely renovate your space without breaking down walls or structurally changing anything. We don’t hide the clutter, we confront it!

The difference between a professional organizer and a cleaner

The main difference between a cleaner and an organizer is that an organizer wants to help their clients realize their ideal life and home potential. Together, the customer and organizer will visualize what they want the future to be and break it down into manageable steps. The goal of an organizer is to create a technique and outlook that will last the test of time. A clean and organized home will leave the client more hours to relax and enjoy their new and improved space!

Looking for some support with your home organizing needs? We here at ClutterBGone service the Greater Toronto area – helping you bring calm to your chaos with our professional organizing services. Give us a call – we’re happy to get you a quote!

how to keep your home organized

How To Keep My Home Organized?

Just finished organizing your home and don’t know what’s next? We here at ClutterBGone get asked this question frequently. We’ve helped our clients organize their space, and now the question remains – how do I keep my home organized?

Keep the Interior Decor Fresh

The best part of organizing a home is working on the interior decorating. It’s the perfect opportunity to see your home in a new way and plan an entire makeover. This could be anything from new furniture and accessories to just changing the color of the walls. Celebrate your newly organized living space by bringing something fresh and vibrant to the table. It’ll give you a whole new appreciation of your home.


Now that your space is organized and feeling great, you have a great excuse to have a dinner party or small get together at how to keep your home organizedyour place. The best part is you won’t have to spend hours cleaning your home before your guests arrive. Have fun preparing and serving a lavish dinner in your newly organized home. You’ll feel proud of the accomplishment and your guests will be amazed. Then you can relax and spend the rest of the night celebrating.

Start New Projects

Have you cleaned up a spare room? Or cleared away extra mess in the garage? Why not start using the newfound space as a project room. Here are some suggestions on how to use your free spaces.

  • Workshop: Do you have a passionate DIY spirit? Always wanted to try your hand at woodwork or jewelry making? Treat yourself by purchasing the supplies you need and start using the space for something creative and proactive. You’ll love unleashing a new side to yourself.
  • Arts and crafts: If you enjoy scrapbooking or making creations from scratch, start an art studio or craft room. It could be for painting, design, sewing, or calligraphy. Whatever your passion is put it into action!
  • Reading room: Want to catch up on your latest read? Create a snug library complete with comfortable chairs, how do I keep my home organizedbeautiful bookshelves, and lamps with a powerful light.
  • Photography space: Whether it’s a dark room or a studio, it’s time to indulge your love of photography right in the comfort of your own home.
  • Mini-cinema: Today home studios are inexpensive and readily available. All you need is a good projector, screen, and plenty of comfortable chairs and cushions. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Home gym: Want to get in shape in the comfort of your own home? Invest in gym equipment to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Stay Vigilant

One of the most difficult parts of organizing the home is adjusting to the new lifestyle in the following months. It’s easy to slip into old unorganized habits. Life is busy and it can be hectic at times so it’s important to make organizing second nature to everyone in the household.

If you feel like your home is starting to fall apart again, call a house meeting. Talk to the other people sharing the space and potentially delegate house responsibilities. It’s everyone’s home and space and every member should be proud to keep it clean and organized.

And, if you need some extra support, we are here to help! Once your system of organization has been established we can provide you with maintenance and on-going support so you can focus on your core passions and spend time with your loved ones. Schedule regular sessions at intervals of your choosing to keep your home or office running smoothly and efficiently. Contact us here.

home organizing: where do I start

Home Organizing: Where Do I Start?

Tackling home organizing on your own can be a daunting project. Let us help you discover where to start!

Break it down

Organizing the entire household can be a lengthy and stressful process. Don’t pressure yourself to do it all at once. home organizing: where do I start?Tackle it room by room and break it down over a period of a few weeks. Set yourself a time period and a task and then focus on getting that small project complete. Otherwise, it will be easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by all the things on your to-do list!

Organizing when you have a family

If you don’t live alone, home organizing can be even more complicated. Most likely, the other household members won’t be around for the entire clean up. So before you start, make different sections for each family member. This is where you’ll place anything of theirs which they may want to get rid of. Next time you see them, make sure they go through their piles and immediately dispose of anything they don’t need. This will make the whole process a lot easier!

Stock up on supplies

Purchase plenty of garbage bags and spare boxes to put in items that are getting thrown away or taken to charity or goodwill. Make sure to get extra cleaning supplies, such as paper towel, multi-purpose spray, rags, and air freshener. Keep in mind that you should also call your local council to schedule a hard trash collection ahead of time. By preparing all this early you can dig into cleaning and get everything organized efficiently.

Tackling that first room

Now that you’ve stocked up on supplies and planned a schedule, it’s time to start cleaning. Which room should you tackle first? This may seem counter-intuitive, but the best place to begin is the storage areas. This includes spare rooms, closet spaces, the garage, attic, and wherever else you store miscellaneous things. The reason why this is the best place to start organizing is that you first need to create space to store any important objects. Most likely the things that will be thrown away will be items that have been gathering dust in storage. Set aside plenty of time to clean and organize any full storage spaces.

Next up: The shared rooms

After making space in storage areas, start working on shared rooms. This would include the kitchen, living area, dining room, and communal bathrooms. Try and get the other members of the household involved in the project too. This is especially important if you have young children, as they will enjoy learning how to clean and have a sense of pride that they have been involved.

By de-cluttering space and giving each item a specific home, it will be easier to keep everything organized all year round. Make sure you let family or housemates know where each spot is. Better yet, make labels for different sections. After you’ve finished the communal areas, it’s time for the private ones.

And remember, we are here to help you along the way if you need a little extra support. Organizing your home is always easier with expertise, support and coaching from an organizing professional.  With our Lead Organizer on site, any space is redeemable! We provide space planning and efficient storage ideas and solutions for easy access and retrieval.  We’ll help you sort, pare down and liberate yourself from what you don’t need, creating strategies and a system of home organization specifically tailored for you. We even assist you with space planning and re-design.

decluttering procrastination

Top Reasons Why Procrastination is Clutter’s Best Friend!

“We’ll have to go through those boxes at some point.”

“We’ll sort the files in that cabinet at a later time.”

How many times have you heard phrases like that, perhaps even coming out of your own mouth? Procrastination can be quite an easy way out of doing some extra work. At first, it might start off rather innocently. Maybe you are really tired or busy on that particular day, and you genuinely want to plan to do some decluttering as soon as you can. However, procrastination always leads to one thing: more procrastination!

Keep reading to learn more about how procrastination might be contributing to the clutter in your life, and how to stop adopting such a negative habit, which affects many of us.

Plan ahead

Getting organized over time is probably the best, and easiest way to fight procrastination. If you schedule your how to declutter your homeactivities, there isn’t much leeway to procrastination, because theoretically, it’s all in your calendar! Make time to do whatever you need to do, so you can easily manage your effort and work.


Giving in to procrastination is a little bit like staring at a candy bar. You know you want it, and it would be easy for you to reach for it, even though you know it’s not good for you and you probably should eat something healthier.

The only way to get out of this situation is self-control. If you are disciplined about the way you manage your activities, you will be able to come up with a better, more upfront lifestyle, which also includes decluttering!

Remove distractions

Distractions are the gateway to procrastination, and the problem with our lifestyle is that we are literally surrounded  by countless distractions each day. In this modern day of smartphones and the internet at your fingertips, getting distracted is easy. It’s up to you to stay focused and remember that every time you get stuck focusing on a distraction, it’s time you’re taking away from your valued personal life, development, and growth.

Don’t let distractions get in the way of a clutter-free life. Take the time to understand the process and learn how you can easily turn your life around in many ways, if you just avoid giving in to procrastination and distractions of various kinds.

hanging organizer on back of door

Home Organizing Ideas on a Budget

Staying organized can be difficult, and in some cases, it can also be quite expensive! Some people think they have to start over and invest a lot of money on new furniture or organizational solutions. It doesn’t always have to be that way!

The good news? Some of the best ways to stay more organized are quite inexpensive. In fact, the most effective solutions are actually free! Keep reading to learn more and discover some fantastic organizational ideas!

Buy a door organizer

Door organizers are inexpensive, but they saved my life on many occasions! When I lived in a bigger city, I had a hanging organizer on back of doorsmall room, as the only way I could afford living there was to share an apartment with roommates. My room was so tiny that I couldn’t find space for most of my items. As a result, I had stuff sitting around all the time, and it was driving me crazy! However, a door organizer allowed me to keep tons of small items under control – from personal hygiene items to socks, hats, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Door organizers can be helpful if you live in a larger space too, especially on the inside of a closet, where they can feature small items and accessories, such as hats, scarfs and jewelry. This is definitely one of those “best-bang-for-your-buck” accessories, and you should definitely consider as an option to stay organized. There are many types of door organizers out there, and each is suitable for a different space or environment. You really can’t go wrong!

Shipping cartons and other paper boxes

They might not be the best-looking implements available, but paper boxes can come in handy if you want to get organized. If you have old boxes leftover from when you moved, or empty boxes laying around from TVs and home appliances, you might consider recycling them as storage boxes! The advantage is that they can be used to store small items in your basement or closet, without spending a dime in plastic or canvas boxes. Since shipping boxes aren’t exactly the trendiest thing out there, you might want to consider keeping them somewhere where they don’t stand Using cardboard boxes as storageout too much! Or where they won’t absorb moisture.

Smaller boxes, such as shoe boxes or even cereal boxes, can actually come in handy as dividers. For example, I use some old cereal boxes as separators to support my record collection. They actually stand behind the records, so you can’t see them. However, they make my records look tidier since they have a support that prevents them from falling back deeper into the shelf!

Organization is more than a having a smart system: it’s a state of mind!

It doesn’t matter how practical your home is, or how many useful drawers or fancy storage solutions you own. Staying organized begins with your attitude! The best way to live a focused, clutter-free life is to embrace a daily commitment to a cleaner routine! If you need guidance or support, we are just a call away!

Colour coding your closet + drawers - DIY Home Organizing Tip

Home Organizing Tips DIY Style

Keeping your home organized doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right focus, and with the right tips, it can actually be easy and painless. Here are some home organizing tips – DIY style!

Color Code + Sort!

Color coding can be particularly handy. If you need to store documents, for instance, you can use color schemes as a Colour coding your closet + drawers - DIY Home Organizing Tipway to improve the way you archive physical files. Imagine you had an archive, where you store personal documents (such as family photos) as well as legal documents (passports, birth certificates…) – You can color code your personal documents in blue, and the legal documents in green. This way, it will be much easier to navigate your files and find what you need!

In addition to that, you can also try color sorting. This is particularly handy if you have a rather large wardrobe. For instance, you can store all your black socks in one drawer and keep your other colors in another. You could do the same for dresses, shirts, etc. This could be a very practical tip to navigate a large wardrobe with many items of clothing!

Alphabetical Order

Ordering items alphabetically is quite common in working environments and office spaces. However, homeowners can also benefit from it in many applications. If you collect vinyl records or CDs, it will be much easier to organize the music alphabetically! In addition to that, even book lovers might find it more useful to store their books in alphabetical order, rather than by size, as it’s sometimes customary.

Under-Bed Organizers

Most of us completely forget that there’s plenty of usable space under our beds.  Instead of letting it collect dust, make sure you take advantage of it! There are many under-bed organizers that are quite flat, yet enjoy a rather large capacity, so they can fit under most beds, even if your space is quite narrow. This is a great opportunity to store various small items, which would otherwise be hard to locate or store. Some people love to use under-bed organizers for their shoes or socks, as well as other items that are often kept out of sight, such as cash, personal documents, and more.

Kitchen Overhead Hanging

In most kitchens, pots and pans might take up a lot of space, and often prevent you from taking advantage of the full capacity of your cupboard. To prevent such a situation, another home organizing tip is to try hanging your cooking tools, pots, and pans instead.

In addition to being practical, hanging pans and other items can add a charming rustic feel to your kitchen, giving it a more authentic feel. This is a perfect example of an organizational tip that’s also going to contribute to the great look of your home!

In conclusion, these are only some of the many amazing ways to keep your home organized. Give them a try and let us know if they changed your life for the better! If you’d still like a little guidance, we’re always here to help! Just give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Professional Organizer standing in front of organized closet

Working with a Professional Organizer

Seeing a messy space turned into a tidy environment is really satisfying to watch! It’s not surprising that Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix, ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’, is actually becoming one of the most inspiring offerings on the streaming service.

With her revolutionary method, she has become a celebrity of sorts in the de-cluttering world, and viewers love to see her in action as she transforms many spaces, and lives.

In the same spirit, ClutterBGone is all about changing lives and tidying up spaces, allowing people and businesses to maximize their full potential!

What We Do Professional Organizer standing in front of organized closet

For the past eight years, ClutterBGone has gained a lot of experience working with clients from all walks of life. From downsizing businesses, to homes and office spaces, anything goes. While working with people from different backgrounds, we have learned a very important thing. Organization is not just about tidying up a room. It’s about clearing the mind!

Clean, organized spaces help people regain some peace and calm in their lives, not to mention, enhance their productivity and focus.

Our Services

We can provide a broad range of services and accommodate almost every de-cluttering need – from clearing severe clutter, to helping people arrange their closets, homes, or office spaces. Do you simply need to purge some of your stuff and need help figuring out what you need, or don’t need? We can also assist you with that! In most cases, we can provide a custom service that’s tailored to your space, needs, and lifestyle. The best approach is to talk to us in advance and make sure we are on the same page with your needs!

Will You Force Me To Get Rid Of Stuff?

Not at all – they’re your belongings, and you are the only one who should decide what stays, and what goes. We’d be happy to give you suggestions and guidance, as well as a little encouragement and motivation. However, it’s your decision at the end of the day! We understand that things have a value, especially personal things, that might be attached to memories and life events.

Processing Times calendar: declutter your life today.

The length of the process might depend on the scale of the project itself. Full home re-organizations will take longer than smaller projects such as closet de-cluttering, for instance. We’ll be sure to let you know our estimates as early as possible in the process, so you can get a good idea of how long we think it will take for us to complete the task (or tasks).

Your Privacy Matters To Us

At ClutterBGone, we strictly adhere to the code of ethics of the Professional Organizers of Canada.

We completely understand that your privacy is very important to you. For this reason, we will never give out any information about you or your business for any reason, at any time. We take pride in our reputation, and the fact that we have earned the trust of so many customers. This is why you won’t ever be hassled with ads or any other content without your explicit consent.

ClutterBGone serves customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can turn your space from mess to best!

And in the meantime, feel free to download our free organizing checklist at

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