Is Clutter Affecting Your Relationships?

In many of the project’s ClutterBGone has worked on, we’ve seen the impact that clutter has on relationships.  Clutter can have a negative impact on family and friends and can be a factor in a deteriorating relationship. Here are a few ways that clutter can affect a relationship. Clutter makes you feel tired and depressed […]

Do You Have The Clutter Blues? #bellletstalk

Last Wednesday was Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk Day. It was the 8th year that Bell has raised awareness about mental health by getting people to talk and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. It got me to thinking about the effect that clutter has on mental illness or vice versa. Exactly how does clutter […]

Do You Have Too Much Paper Clutter?

In this digital age it‘s still surprising to see just how much paper is generated. Bills, newspapers, documents and of course those endless flyers and marketing cards. With the holidays just around the corner you can bet there will be an increased amount of paper being deposited on your doorstep, mailbox and brought into your […]

Fight Procrastination And Stay On Top Of Clutter

Fight Procrastination Day came up earlier this month and it got me thinking about how procrastination really is one of the root causes of clutter, beyond those with a hoarding tendency. There are so many comical quotes about procrastination but it really is a serious issue for a lot of people. “Procrastination isn’t the problem, […]

Interesting Office Statistics On Productivity and Organization

I’ve been doing some reading on office productivity and came across these interesting facts that I’d like to share with you. Interruptions The average manager is interrupted every 8 minutes, 50 percent are interrupted 8 or 9 times an hour, 22 percent 10 to 11 times, 11 percent 6 to 7 times, 5 percent 1 […]

5 Signs You May Be Chronically Disorganized And What You Can Do About It

We are all a little disorganized in some aspects of our life but for some of you being disorganized affects your day-to-day living. Lets begin with defining what chronic disorganization is (also known as “challenging disorganization”). Being chronically disorganized is defined as being disorganized for a long period of time during which you have not […]

Organizing and Downsizing with Seniors – A Case Study Part 2

This is part two of my earlier blog/case study of working with a wonderful couple in their mid to late sixties, the motivation for their organizing project and the process in general. Facilitating change Facilitating change and effective communication was essential in this particular project. After 40 years together in the same home in which […]

Downsizing: Tips To Be A Minimalist In Your Home

Minimalism.  Living more simply. Streamlining. We hear these words and statements more often now, especially because so many people are downsizing their spaces.  I work each week with space-challenged clients to solve their organizing problems and I think that makes me somewhat of an expert on the issue. Of course there are many advantages to […]

Be The Most Organized Person In The World [Infographic]

Who wouldn’t want to be organized? From your closets and cupboards to your computer and workplace, being organized can save you a ton of time, money and frustration and make your life easier. If you want to take your paper piles to files and go from clutter to calm in your home and office you’re […]

Organizing Your Time

Time management can be tough. We recently had our daughter come for a visit and she talked about how she is so busy she finds herself on a seemingly never ending treadmill of getting out of bed, getting ready for work, running errands on the way home, cooking dinner and before you know it, it’s […]