how decluttering reduces stress

How Decluttering Your Home Reduces Stress

Clutter does more than just take up physical space in your home. It also weighs heavily on the mind, adding stress and anxiety to your life. Wherever possible, alleviating life’s stressors is a good way to maintain your health, so it’s important to make home organization a priority. Let’s further examine how decluttering your home reduces stress.

Clutter and Stress: What is the Connection?

House clutter refers to anything that’s not used, wanted, or needed but is kept inside or outside of the property. This “stuff” creates a chaotic living area and boosts stress because it hinders your ability to focus.

Furthermore, cleaning up clutter and making important decisions about what items to keep, donate, or toss can be an emotionally draining experience. The feelings and memories associated with certain things makes them hard to separate from, and just thinking about doing so can trigger anxiety.

Organizing takes time too that you might not feel like you have in an already busy day. And moving things out of the way to do tasks at home or to enjoy a hobby like knitting can be both annoying and inefficient.

There’s also the nagging sensation that you still have that decluttering task on your to-do list. You’re not alone if you find it’s already the evening, you’re tired, and you haven’t gotten to the organizing step.

The clutter goes against what you are looking for in a home. Your home should be a place to relax and take away the worries of the day, not to add to it. Taking back your sanctuary matters, so don’t put off the activity; instead, create a strategy to clear the clutter in the smoothest way possible.

decluttering reduces stress

Gain Back Control

Rather than letting clutter get the best of you, take back control. But when you feel a strong attachment to physical items in the living space, the overwhelm can make taking any action difficult, if not impossible.

In this case, bring in a professional to help you get a handle on the clutter that is harming your emotional and mental well-being. Having someone more objective than you about the material items can guide you through the process.

An expert organizer helps you declutter in a gentle and supportive way, as well as suggesting options for where to store items for maximum functionality around the home. Simply having someone else hold up a shirt or figurine to ask you if it’s for the keep, donate or sell pile can be a great relief because touching something yourself can reinforce your emotional connection to it.

Letting Go of Clutter

Stress can accumulate along with clutter at home. It’s not only messy areas, but also the large number of physical items in plain sight and hidden away in closets that negatively impact your mood.

Thankfully, you don’t have to feel a tightness in your chest or a headache every time you open the front door and see disorder. Begin to enjoy your living environment again by eliminating the stress that comes with having too much stuff.

From taming clutter hot spots like drawers and countertops to space planning, we’re here to help you create a calm living environment that is functional for everyone in the household. Call us to start working with experienced and friendly organizers to restore order to your home. We’re here to help you!