Post Christmas “Boxing” Day

Christmas morning can be a very exciting time in the house, especially if you have kids. I could sit back and watch them open gifts all day. Their eyes widen, the smiles go from ear to ear and the squeals of delight are music to my own ears. I’m talking about kids of all ages […]

7 Reasons to De-Clutter & Let Go

When we talk about getting organized or de-cluttering your life, we generally speak about donating, repurposing, selling or trashing items. Today I wanted to speak to you about the reasons to let go of items, no matter how you actually do it. Be clutter free Many of us want that clutter free home where we […]

How To Stay Calm and Stay Organized During the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. Each year they seem to come quicker and quicker. Right after Halloween we start to get bombarded with holiday commercials and you’ve probably noticed that the local paper is a few pounds heavier with the holiday flyers. Here are a few ideas to […]

Ideas for Clutter-free Gifts

Getting close to the holiday gift giving season I thought this was a great time to remind everyone that you can express your love and appreciation for friends and family without giving “stuff”. I remember many years ago we would see these huge piles of gifts at our family gatherings, sometimes spanning several feet out […]

Hoarding: What Is It and What You Should Know About It

What is Hoarding? Hoarding is the overwhelming difficulty of throwing away or getting rid of one’s possessions. It is often classified as as a compulsive behaviour. The possessions could range from plastic bags to old newspapers and magazines. Regardless of the items accumulated, the value of them are irrelevant to the owner. Those with this […]

Can You Make Room For Santa?

Do you have a head start on purchasing your holiday gifts or are you going to leave it to the last minute – again? Like it or not the holidays are approaching. Now is a great time to take stock of your child’s toys to make room for the new toys that Santa and family […]

Take Control of Time At Your Office And Stay Organized With These 5 Tips

With the return of kids back to school it also means that a lot of the work force will be returning to work after having taken time off for vacations with the family. Summer can be a slow time for a lot of offices but now that summer is over it is back to it […]

7 Helpful Tips To Organize Your Closet

At ClutterBGone we organize a lot of closets. It seems to be an area that most people have challenges with and no wonder – we are in and out of our closets several times a day making it an area ripe for upheaval. If you are going to organize your closet yourself, here are seven […]

5 Top Reasons Why You Want To Get Organized!

This is something that I get around to asking all of my prospective clients when I meet them for the initial consultation. But it recently occurred to me to ask you – and everyone else – “Why do you want to get organized?” There are many answers that I have received over the years and […]

I Felt Cheated Until I Lived With a Professional Organizer

It’s not very ofter that I have guest blogger on my site, but my husband insisted that he write a post about living with an organizer.  So, below you have it.  A husband’s point of view. I have always thought I was a fairly neat and tidy person. Although I will admit that I am […]