Post Christmas “Boxing” Day

Christmas morning can be a very exciting time in the house, especially if you have kids. I could sit back and watch them open gifts all day. Their eyes widen, the smiles go from ear to ear and the squeals of delight are music to my own ears. I’m talking about kids of all ages of course. Most of the gifts that we receive are wrapped up in, or are gifted in, a cardboard box of some type and you wouldn’t believe the number of boxes I find in clients homes. Are you one that feels it is necessary to keep those boxes just in case you may need it later?

Identify what is truly needed

On Christmas morning your home is most likely going to look like a recycling center with all the cardboard and paper that will be strewn all across the room.

Messy Living Room After the Christmas Presents Have Been Opened

I generally try to keep a few pieces of wrapping paper if I find it to be unique or if I know I will use it again and if it is in great shape. I’ll put it in my wrapping station and the rest goes out right away. Don’t try to save it all. There will be too much and you wouldn’t want to receive a gift that looks like the wrapping paper was retrieved from a wastebasket would you?

Next are the boxes. Let’s be very selective on what boxes you decide to keep for whatever reason.

But it’s so pretty!

If Santa brought you something shiny chances are it came in a nice small box. They don’t take up much room and you may re-use it. If you already have one or two from previous gifts that should be all you need. Don’t keep them for sentimental reasons. You have the actual gift for that.

I just may need it when I move

Really? When are you planning on moving? I hear this a lot and unless you have concrete plans to move within the next 6 months it’s better to get rid of it. Empty tv boxMovers are experienced at handling TV’s and computers or blankets do a great job at protecting them if you are moving yourself. Worse case scenario there are plenty of places where you can purchase inexpensive boxes made specifically to house your TV, large prints and more. Why use up your valuable real estate to house empty boxes when that precious space can be used for day to day living!? Did you really buy your home so you could fill it with empty boxes?

Can you re-use it?

Those boxes you get with your gift clothing are easy to fold down and use again for future gifts. But do you really need it? Don’t keep it for the “just in case” scenario. Similar to the used wrapping paper, a shoebox with the makers name and size stickers on the box doesn’t show that much thought was put into the presentation. I’m all for repurposing shoe boxes especially if you do keep your shoes in them for protection, but don’t allow them to become dust collectors.

Tips :

If you have received a big-ticket item for Christmas, and you do end up putting the box out for recycling it’s a good idea to cut the box down and place the cardboard in your bin so the contents are not facing out. recycle-cardboardNo sense advertising to the world the fact that you just got a new TV or computer.

If you are holding onto a box for model or warranty information simply cut that piece off the box and slip it into your warranty file. Or better yet, take a picture of the information and file it electronically.

Christmas is wonderful time of the year. Don’t add to the stress with a pile of cardboard that takes up valuable space. If you need help with after Christmas purging you can contact us here.

7 Reasons to De-Clutter & Let Go

When we talk about getting organized or de-cluttering your life, we generally speak about donating, repurposing, selling or trashing items. Today I wanted to speak to you about the reasons to let go of items, no matter how you actually do it.

Be clutter free

Many of us want that clutter free home where we can easily find things, and not be ashamed to have family and friends over. Did you know that over 1 million North Americans suffer from chronic hoarding? It is more prevalent in older people and here is a surprise – it is more common among men than it is women! Start the process now and see how much time you save and how you will love having people over.

Save time

Last time I checked, the average person spent just under one hour per day looking for items. That is the average. time managementDisorganized people are going to spend even more time looking for things. Homes have gotten bigger today than they were decades ago and therefore there is more space to keep stuff and more space to look through. There is even a tendency to fill spaces with “stuff” even when those items are not a necessity. Get that time back by reducing the items you needlessly have to sift through.

Less House Work

Does anyone enjoy housework and want more of it to do? I’m thinking not. Clutter creates more items to move when dusting and attracts more dust by itself. Clutter also attracts more clutter. Think about it. When passing a cluttered area you are more likely to set something else down when you see something already there.

More clutter, more items to move, more cleaning required. A cycle begins.

Would you like more money?

Saving-Money_1A US study a few years ago indicated that over 20% of people admitted to paying bills late because they lost the bill. Interest charges and late payment fees apply as well. Being organized will reduce these fees thus saving you money.


My rule of thumb is if you haven’t used an item for a year you need to take a serious look at why you have it. Perhaps it was purchased with good intentions but it just never got used. Maybe you know somebody that could use it or if it has value perhaps you could sell it and recoup something. Why not turn your clutter into cash?

Did It Stop Working?

Are you seriously ever going to get around to fixing or taking an item and getting it fixed? How long has it been sitting there? Is it worth getting fixed? Come to grips with the fact that it does not work and you just are not going to get it fixed.

Support Your Local Charities

Someone else can always use the item that you are not using and there are many worthwhile charities in your area that can make use of the item to help others.

hands holding letters spelling words

Be a hero and help others by donating your unused items.

These are just several of many good reasons to pare down your belongings and reduce clutter in your home.

We at ClutterBGone have helped many clients make the tough decisions and can help you too. Contact us to learn more about how we save you time and money.

How To Stay Calm and Stay Organized During the Holidays

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. Each year they seem to come quicker and quicker. Right after Halloween we start to get bombarded with holiday commercials and you’ve probably noticed that the local paper is a few pounds heavier with the holiday flyers. Here are a few ideas to help stay calm and organized during the holidays.

Holiday Shopping

I know a lot of you put off the holiday shopping until the last minute (guys, I’m talking to you) but try to set some time aside to get it done earlier.

Holiday-Shopping-Tips-e1341181827937Put it in your calendar and treat it like an appointment – no changes. Arrange a babysitter if need be or if you’re able to book an afternoon off work, even better. The shopping malls get crazy with each passing day, as you know. Last minute shopping is the perfect recipe for stress over the holidays.

Gift Wrapping

If you haven’t already, gather all of your wrapping supplies and keep them in one place. Make a list of what you are short of and get out to buy what you need before the selection is minimal in the stores. A basket or even a box will do to hold the tape, ribbons, bows, etc. that you will need.

II use an old cookie tin for bows to keep them from being flattened. Gently tie all of your rolls of wrapping paper together. Prepare a ‘wrapping station’ somewhere in the house and bring all of the gifts to this area for wrapping. Everyone will know where the station is and you will not have to hunt down the supplies when other people wrap gifts.

Planning The Feast

Holidays to me are all about the meal with family and friends. Sure, the gifts can be nice but there is nothing like the laughs and conversations you have around the dinner table.

Holiday mealMake a list now of everything that you will need for dinner. Order the turkey, the ham or whatever you cook to celebrate now to ensure you have the size you need.

If wine is on your list you can expect crowds at the stores so get out there early while your favourite is still in stock and avoid the long line-ups. Don’t forget the extras like the cranberry sauce and rolls. Oh, I’m getting hungry already.

Make Room For New Gifts

Now is the time to go through the toys or clothes of your kids and pare down what is no longer usable, appropriate of just doesn’t fit any longer. You know family is going to spoil the kids with a lot of gifts so make room now and reduce the stress of trying to make everything fit into the same space later. Have the kids get involved. It will build their excitement leading up to the big day.

The Art Of Gift Giving

I’m sure you have already given plenty of thought to what you’re going to purchase for your loved ones.

gift-givingMany of us anguish and plead for hints or ideas trying to give that special gift. My children are all a bit older now so one year we purchased charity items for people in need in third world countries on behalf of each child as part of their gifts that year. School supplies for a school in need, goats for a family that would produce milk, things of that nature.

They were touched by it and it got them to thinking of what the holidays are all about. Many items over the holidays are returned or even worse, not used at all and end up adding to the clutter that people already have. When in doubt gift cards are always appreciated and with the newer consumer laws most will not have an expiry date.

The holidays can be a very stressful time for most of us but with a little bit of planning we can reduce the stress and stay organized during this time. If you need assistance in getting ready for the holiday season there is still time. Contact us here to see how we can help.

Ideas for Clutter-free Gifts

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

Getting close to the holiday gift giving season I thought this was a great time to remind everyone that you can express your love and appreciation for friends and family without giving “stuff”.

I remember many years ago we would see these huge piles of gifts at our family gatherings, sometimes spanning several feet out from the tree.

Generosity is great, but it was ridiculous to see the amount of gifts that people were receiving. I was just as guilty as everyone else in falling prey to the commercialism of the season. Plus, I’m sure many of you have received gifts that you don’t really like but felt obligated to keep and store, hidden away in some closet. So why not provide a clutter free gift this season?

One type of clutter free gift is a donation to charity in that person’s name which helps those less fortunate. There are a number of great causes out there but recently I’ve come across With this charity you can purchase, in the name of your giftee, anything from 3 baby chicks (for only $15.00!), a goat or a bunch of mango trees which will provide food and sustenance to a struggling family in a third world country, to clean drinking water or mosquito netting to prevent malaria.

What’s great about this is that in many cases the donation dollars are matched and or hugely exceeded so your dollars actually are multiplied extensively. And, your giftee will receive a personalized card telling them about the purchase made in their name. I urge you all this holiday season to consider a gift from your heart and help those less fortunate.

There are many other charitable options as well, all in different price points.

A gift of an experience is another option and can be one of the greatest gifts of all.  The giftee gets to keep the memory of the experience forever in their hearts. The possibilities are endless and can include event tickets, pre-paid lessons, travel experiences, restaurant gift cards and so much more.

It will make you and the recipient all feel wonderful!

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.

Enjoy the holidays and create memories for life.

Hoarding: What Is It and What You Should Know About It

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is the overwhelming difficulty of throwing away or getting rid of one’s possessions. It is often classified as as a compulsive behaviour. The possessions could range from plastic bags to old newspapers and magazines. Regardless of the items accumulated, the value of them are irrelevant to the owner.

Those with this compulsive behaviour accumulate a large quantity of possessions, which is what makes this behaviour stand out in comparison to other people. The compulsive behaviour which is associated with hoarding can also be related to compulsive buying, compulsive collecting of free items, or a compulsive search for the perfect item.

Hoarding is not to be confused with collecting. The behaviour of collectors is often prideful in regards to their possessions and are proud to display their items. Collectors are also more organized than hoarders.

Hoarding Toronto

What are the Symptoms of Hoarding?

Individuals with a hoarding disorder often demonstrate severe anxiety when attempting to get rid of an item, or have the inability to discard their possessions to make space for new ones. Those affected with this compulsive behavior often find it difficult to organize their belongings, as they often feel unsettled about where to keep them. In some cases, they even feel unsettled about their possessions, and often act suspicious of other people touching any of the items. This compulsive behavior causes obsessive thoughts of their items whereabouts, or possibly not having enough of one particular item.


Why Do People Hoard?

The compulsive thoughts associated with hoarding are often that the individual believes they need the item for future use, feel a strong sentimental value towards it, it is irreplaceable, or they got such a great deal that they don’t want to throw it away. In some cases hoarding may be a disorder on its own; however, it is a common symptom of other disorders such as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and/or depression. In rare cases, hoarding can be associated with disorders such as an eating disorder, pica, Prader-Willi syndrome, psychosis, or dementia


How Does Hoarding Affect One’s Quality of Life?

Hoarding diminishes one’s quality of life considerably. Due to a considerable number of possessions, the hoarder’s living space may become unhealthy or even dangerous. Many hoarders will live without basic comforts, and cope with things such as broken appliances or furnace in order to avoid somebody coming into their living space to fix the problem. In many cases, this behavior causes issues among the individual’s family, from feelings of anger and resentment to depression. Hoarding can affect the social development of children who live in the space, and can have an impact on the family structure from divorce to loss of child custody. Hoarding can cause the living space to be unlivable, which may lead to eviction. Serious financial problems can occur as well.


What are the Effects of Hoarding?

As a result, hoarding behavior can be damaging and affects both the individuals with the hoarding behavior and their family members. This behavior can affect those on many levels, including emotional, physical and social, as well as financial and/or legal. In some cases, due to the loss of living space because of the large quantity of items, the living conditions can cause health problems.

For more organization tips, look no further than your professional organizing team at ClutterBGone. ClutterBGone is proud to serve Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, including York and Durham regions. From home organizing and downsizing, to small office organizing, ClutterBGone is here to help you stay organized and give you peace of mind.

Can You Make Room For Santa?

Do you have a head start on purchasing your holiday gifts or are you going to leave it to the last minute – again? Like it or not the holidays are approaching. Now is a great time to take stock of your child’s toys to make room for the new toys that Santa and family will be bringing into your home in order to make the holidays less stressful than they already are.

Kids receive a lot of toys at holiday time. Many toys are abandoned right after Christmas and left at the bottom of a toy box or closet as your child quickly outgrows certain toys. Or it could be that the particular item just didn’t hold their interest. All kids have their go-to toys and many have toys that are no longer required.

Broken toys

broken toysThese are the easiest to deal with. We all have them. Toys that are broken but were never dealt with at the time and now reside at the bottom of the toy box. Out they go! Even those toys with critical missing parts that you think just may turn up………it’s time to discard those as well to make room for the new stuff.

Out with the old

With toddlers and younger children it’s easy to go through the toys and make the decisions yourself. You may want to separate the toys into categories and then separate those into toys you will toss, toys you will donate and toys you will store for later (visiting children, more children, special treats for sick days, etc.)

Get the kids involved

Happy-Children-Picture-7Older kids like to be involved and will want a say in what decisions are made with their “stuff”. It’s only fair and sets a good example of respect. Have them start with choosing the toys they no longer like or play with. It often helps to separate the toys into categories and then have them pick their top 5 or 10 from each category. Explain to them that some of their toys are no longer appropriate as they have grown and space is needed to accommodate the new toys that are sure to come their way. They can also help to take the donations to the donation center to see what happens to them and how they have helped others. Donation centers love to receive toys before Christmas to help out those that need the toys as gifts for Christmas.

Plush = dust

Those plush toys are nice and there is nothing wrong with having a few on hand, but they really are dust collectors and magnets for dust mites. Unless you are willing to clean them at least once every couple of months, try to keep the quantity to just 4 or 5 absolute favorites for space, allergy and health reasons.

Gain some insight

As you sift through the toys and work with your kids you’re going to find out what type of toy they now like and perhaps what exact toy they would love to have. This information will come in handy when Grandma and Grandpa ask what they want or need for gifts. It should also help to reduce the number of toys they receive that they just won’t use.

Take stock of your storage

multi-bin-toy-organizerThis is also be a great time to determine if your child requires any additional storage space for toys or if the storage system you use is still workable for you and them. Make sure you have enough clear plastic bins to store the small toys so they don’t end up in the bottom of a toy box and never used. In fact, I recommend you discard the toy box entirely. If you insist on keeping it, then only one category of item should live in the toy box. For example, many clients use a toy box for a dress-up chest so all the costumes live in the box.

Now is the perfect time to start paring down the toys before the chaos known as the holiday season sets in. If you require assistance contact us and we can talk. Let us know how you make out!

Take Control of Time At Your Office And Stay Organized With These 5 Tips

With the return of kids back to school it also means that a lot of the work force will be returning to work after having taken time off for vacations with the family. Summer can be a slow time for a lot of offices but now that summer is over it is back to it in high gear. Here are some tips to help you stay organized and save time right out of the gate.

You can’t always be available

We all like to always be available and have an “open door” policy but face it – interruptions take away from your train of thought and can be frustrating when trying to not disturb

It’s OK to close the door when working on something to let others know you can’t be interrupted. Better yet, if you can schedule an hour or so each day or a time each week where you cannot be disturbed others will soon get used to that timeframe and leave you alone. You will get more accomplished and be more productive.

Junk the junk mail

Email has been the greatest thing since the proverbial sliced bread but also can be the bane of our existence. We get hundreds of emails each day and it is easy to trash the junk mail but what about the emails where you are copied and no response is required by you? Some people like to send emails to as many people as they can think of to cover there you know what. Others you receive because you were in the meeting or run the department. Unless there is an urgent requirement for you to keep the email, junk it or if you feel the need to keep these emails then move it to a designated file rather than clogging up your in box. Keep your in box clean so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you open your mail.

Plan the week ahead

Whether you keep an electronic calendar or a manual one, schedule your week in advance.

planner I would suggest that you do this on Sunday evenings or at the latest, first thing Monday morning. What’s that old saying? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Those that do not plan out their week are found to be unorganized and always in a state of chaos.

Know your time limits

There is not normally a “volunteer of the year” award at work. Limit your attendance to meaningless meetings. It is great to be involved in company events but volunteering to be in more than one or two committees is time consuming both on your professional and your personal life. Know when to say no and give yourself permission to do so.

Take time to clean and purge

Just like taking time to yourself to get work done it is equally important to take the time each week to clean and organize your work space. A lot of mail and memos can be accumulated during the week making your desk look like a giant recycle bin. Take 10 minutes each day before you leave to tidy things up. I like to do so every day so when I come back to the office I am looking at a neat work space that doesn’t stress me out right from the beginning of the day.

Now that you are back into work mode we are sure these suggestions will help you stay organized and minimize stress at your office. If you need assistance in getting your office or work space organized for better productivity contact us at ClutterBGone.

7 Helpful Tips To Organize Your Closet

Organized drawersAt ClutterBGone we organize a lot of closets. It seems to be an area that most people have challenges with and no wonder – we are in and out of our closets several times a day making it an area ripe for upheaval. If you are going to organize your closet yourself, here are seven items that can help you to maximize and organize that closet space when doing so.

Hanging sweater shelves

These fabric, collapsible shelves are great for keeping your sweaters neat and organized and can be used for holding many other items such as shoes, purses, etc.

Tie and belt hangers

I have seen a lot of people try to hang their ties and belts on one hanger and the result is normally a hanger with all of the belts and ties bunched up at one end after sliding down to one corner. And then you have to take a bunch off first before you can access the one you actually want.

Invest in a proper tie and belt hanger and keep your closet looking neat and items easily accessible.

Closet rod or doubler

Most homes have one closet rod installed and many of us don’t bother to change it and are afraid of the cost of a closet reno. With an additional rod installed below the existing rod, or using a hanging closet doubler you can double the amount of storage space in your closet at a very small cost. (You may need to raise your existing rod up a foot or so depending on the vertical space you have and depending on the length of items you will be hanging on the second rod).

Wouldn’t you love to double your closet space for less than $20?

Closet organizing tags

I think my husband has more clothes than I do! In fact, I know he does. I recently went through his closet (he has doubled his storage with an additional closet rod) and separated his shirts into golf, short sleeve, long sleeve and dress shirts.  simple-division-closet-organizer-tags-1

With organizing tags it easy for him to stay organized when putting his clothes away – and easy for me to see when he is not following the program (Lol). We also recommend organized according to colour, from lightest to darkest.

Under bed organizing boxes

With the limited space we all have these days we sometimes have to use every nook and cranny available. Under bed storage boxes can be found from collapsible plastic with a zipper, to hard cases by Tupperware and the like. These boxes are ideal for things that are only accessed a few times a year like winter bedding. Why take up valuable closet real estate for these large bulky items?

Shelf dividers

If you are like me I use the top shelf of the closet for a lot of items and depending on what they are they can topple over creating quite a mess. Shelf dividers are usually made of covered metal or chrome and will hold items upright and separated and keep them from toppling over.

Hanging jewellery organizers

If you have a lot of costume jewellery and limited space these may just be the thing for you. They are similar to shoe bags but the compartments are much smaller and the whole bag hangs in your closet. They even come in fun designs such as a little black dress filled with clear pouches and Velcro for hanging necklaces and the like.

littleblackdressKeep all your costume jewellery neat and organized and save the space that a box on top of your dresser or in your drawer may take up.

Plus, you get to see everything you have all at once instead of having to move boxes around in your drawer.

So if you are going to tackle the closet on your own these are some essential tips to get your closet looking neat and keeping it organized and working efficiently for you. And if you need the help of a professional organizer, just contact me here and learn how we can help you.

5 Top Reasons Why You Want To Get Organized!

This is something that I get around to asking all of my prospective clients when I meet them for the initial consultation. But it recently occurred to me to ask you – and everyone else – “Why do you want to get organized?”

There are many answers that I have received over the years and everyone does have their own specific reason(s). Here are the top 5 reasons that I have been given to date.  Check to see if your reasons made this list.

1) I’m tired of not being able to find things without sending out a search party.

looking for lost items

Sound familiar?

We spend so much time looking for things we know we have or we know should be in a particular place but are not. We waste a lot of time and end up stressing out when we can’t quickly put our hands on something we know we have, and it always happens at the most inopportune time. Cooking? “Where is that stupid spatula?” Bill due? “I know I put it here somewhere!”

Think of all the time you will get back and the reduction on your stress levels when you are organized and have a system in place to stay that way.

2) “I miss having people over”. “I’m too embarrassed”.

I hear this one a lot.

People who are chronically disorganized find themselves pulling away from friends and family out of embarrassment or fear of what they may think about you if they see the state of your living condition. You don’t realize that it is you they love and want to spend time with. Your embarrassment gets in the way.

Once you are organized you will find your social life opens up again and you are eager to have people over to entertain.

3) “There’s so much stuff it’s not safe”.

do you have too much stuff

Safety. Whether it is for the safety of yourself or for a loved one you want to be organized for these reasons too. Piles of “stuff” in the basement. Boxes and boxes of paper piles can light up a fire in no time flat. Too many things on the kitchen counter can be a fire hazard. Something falling out of a cupboard when it is opened can hit you or someone else. Tripping hazards on the floor can send someone to the hospital.

Once organized your living area will not only look and feel better to you but will be a safer environment as well. This is especially important for the older ones in our lives.

4) “I need to reduce my stress and feel in control again”.

We touched on it above but being disorganized can put a lot of stress on you to the point where it can affect your health, your relationships and your job. We all know stress is hard on the heart. We should all be doing as much as we can to reduce or eliminate stress in our lives.

5) “It’s costing me money!”

piles of tools

Got your attention? How many times have you run out to purchase a tool, greeting card or wrapping paper, a grocery item or something else at the last minute (here’s that stress thing again) because you could not find it at home? You know you have it and you know it will turn up somewhere at some point but you just can’t put your finger on it right now.

So what do you do? You go out and buy another one. Eventually you may find the original, but in the meantime you have duplicates, even quadruplicates of items. When you get organized you will not need to waste your time and money on things you already have.

So, did your reason make this list? Get organized now and save time, stress and money AND improve your lifestyle. Let me know if you have any other reasons to get organized in your home or office. We would love to hear from you!

I Felt Cheated Until I Lived With a Professional Organizer

It’s not very ofter that I have guest blogger on my site, but my husband insisted that he write a post about living with an organizer.  So, below you have it.  A husband’s point of view.

I have always thought I was a fairly neat and tidy person. Although I will admit that I am not the most organized person in the world, I didn’t really think I was disorganized. Let me tell you that living in the Toronto area and being the husband of a Professional Organizer will let you find out just how organized or disorganized you really are!

In the beginning you may be a tad annoyed with the way things seem to be organized and the need to keep it up, but eventually you become appreciative of those things that may have bothered you in the past. Let me give you a couple of examples:

Clothing organized

For a guy, how easy is it to maintain your wardrobe? You buy something new, pick up dry cleaning or put away your laundry by hanging it up or putting it in the drawers, right?

organized man clothes

Not so. I have learned that it helps if you hang your clothes according to colour and have all your shirts hanging the same way. Not only does this give you a neat appearance but it makes selecting your clothes a whole lot easier.

In and out

One in, one out rule for clothes – Originally this rule just seemed just plain silly to me. Why would you want to get rid of something just because something new came in? Well, it turns out this may just be the best advice an organizer can give you. Rather than having closets that are crammed to the point where nothing else will fit, or piled in a dresser drawer that is overflowing, I have learned that if you follow this simple rule you will always have a neat and organized clothing space with easy to find whatever you need.

Organized Kitchen

Just last week I put a frying pan away in the “wrong spot” and was “politely” reminded of where it lives. I use this as an example of why every thing needs a home. I can’t tell you the time I have wasted in the past looking for things that were in the wrong place.

organized cubby kitchen

A lot less time spent looking for things and a lot less frustration is the result of putting things back where they belong. Lesson learned.

Giving to the community

Giving back.  This is by far the most important lesson learned from living with a professional organizer. Rather than tossing out things that I no longer require I take the time to look at it and decide if it is in good enough shape to donate. There are so many organizations that can use and even depend on donations to help the less fortunate. Everything from clothing to toys to small appliances and even items of value that can be sold at charity stores or auctions can be used to help someone else.

So, yes, being married to a professional organizer can have its challenges, but it really does make life more calm, less stressful and more giving. I highly recommend it and I’m not just saying that because my wife is standing over my shoulder. Really.

Doug Ward, happy husband of a professional organizer.