Storage Solutions for Small Homes

Storage Solutions for Small Homes

Do you have a tiny house and don’t know how to make it functional? Creativity is the answer to many of life’s problems, and when it comes to smaller homes, it is absolutely key. When space is limited, it’s essential to be inventive and resourceful about what you do have by making the most of your square footage. Follow these tips and tricks to organize your space and make the most of it:

Hidden storage spaces

If you want your place to look clean (or even minimalist), you can use hidden storage that keeps things out of sight. Furniture tricks, like a sofa or bed with storage underneath, can stylishly disguise items you’d rather not display. These spaces are usually great to store blankets, pillows, sheets, and all your bedroom essentials.

Double duty furniture

Pieces that can work in a variety of ways are a wonderful fit for smaller houses. Home offices, for example, can be a bit tricky to assemble out of limited square footage. However, if you strategically place a bookshelf with desk space and a small stool, you can have a little office without taking up too much space.

Maximize the area above the cabinets

Put the dead space between the ceiling and cabinet top to good use! Buy some nice boxes and baskets and fill them with all sorts of items. But remember: don’t put too much stuff in there, as it can very easily veer into cluttered territory.

Use plenty of hooks

Hooks and hangers are the backbones of an organized tiny home. Super-strong magnetic hooks make a great solution for the kitchen, for example, as they don’t require tools or drilling holes in your walls. You can also grab space on the back of a door and place more hooks and hangers for coats, hats, umbrellas, and other small accessories.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Open up storage

Cabinet doors take up square feet that may not be available in small spaces. If you get the opportunity to choose your furniture, opt for narrow open shelves to gain extra surfaces to store frequently used items, such as plates. To keep the shelves looking neat, be strategic about what you store and try to leave plenty of open space between stacks of items.

Vertical shoe storage

It might not be the most attractive solution, but over-the-door shoe racks get the job done and use dead space in an effective way. You don’t have to put one of these on every door – your closet doors are probably enough!

Key pieces of furniture to arrange the spaces

In small houses, often the living room is also the kitchen, dining room, or even bedroom. If you want to organize your spaces strategically, you can select block furniture and handy storage to divide them. For example, a freestanding island can be a great option to divide a kitchen and dining area. Placing units behind a sofa is another genius way to maximize your storage space.

If you have a small house and don’t know how to maximize its potential, we’re here to help! At ClutterBGone, we provide many levels of organizing services depending on your needs, lifestyle, and budget ranging from coaching to hands-on organizing and maintenance plans to help you achieve a clean, organized, and peaceful environment. Get in touch with our team of experts, and we will be delighted to offer you a free consultation!