starting 2022 organized

Starting 2022 in an Organized Way at Home

If you’re like most people, you set goals for the New Year. One of those objectives might be to get more organized at home to get more out of life. To help you get organized, here are some clever tips.

Declutter Drawers and Cupboards

Start with the obvious things you no longer have a use for, such as the plastic containers in the kitchen drawer with missing lids. Aim to clear out one drawer, cabinet, or cupboard at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Sort the Closets

Again, organize them one at a time to help reduce stress. If you can’t seem to find room in a certain closet, that’s a great one to start with. If there are clothes that you no longer wear, put them aside to donate or sell if they are still in good shape.

Organize Your Time Too

It could be that you’re overextending yourself, and your calendar is jammed full. If so, consider decluttering your calendar. That involves starting to say no to activities that bring you more stress than happiness. Doing so can help you focus your energy on things and people you truly care about.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start by thinking about how often you double-booked last year. Making effective changes can reduce stress and leave time for self-care.

Tackle the Paper

Looking around the house, do you see lots of scattered papers? Seeing this mess might be making your mind disorganized too.

Begin by going around the house and sorting the papers into two piles, one for recycling and one for keeping. Then, organize those papers you want to save into a filing system or separate boxes, putting like papers together. Clearly label each box if you take that approach.

Clear Away Surfaces

After the holidays, the countertops and tabletops likely have opened presents on them. Start 2022 on the right foot by finding homes for these items, such as storing new beauty products under the bathroom counter. Having fewer things in your sightline will instantly make the space feel bigger and less cluttered.

clear countertop

Maintain an Organized Life

Now that you’ve organized the home, you can’t just hope that it will stay that way. The reality is that things will continue to come into the house, from the mail to new purchases by you or a family member.

As the days go by, aim to put away items you want to keep and discard those you no longer use. Maintaining these orderly habits will help you stay organized.

Get Professional Help

You might not be sure where to start with getting organized, and we understand. Perhaps you tried unsuccessfully to declutter all or part of the home and feel frustrated.

Thankfully, this is a New Year with new possibilities! Think of it as a blank slate. This time around, why not enlist the help of our team?

Our professional organizers have a friendly and supportive approach that we personalize to the needs of your household. Call us today to book an appointment to start the pressure-free process.