Under Sink Home Organizing – Found Space


There is a lot of space available for storage under sinks in a bathroom or kitchen if you just have the right tools. We all keep cleaners, rags, makeup, hair dryers and a lot more under our kitchen and bathroom sinks. These are challenging spaces with pipes and corners and bends but with a little creativity, you can take advantage of this space.

Clear bins

I use clear bins for all my projects but especially in these hard to reach and see places. Clear bins allow you to easily see and retrieve what you need. Label them as well so when you open the door you can see what is located where. Clear bins with lids allow you to stack them and use even more of the vertical space.

Shelves and caddies

Wire shelves and risers can almost double your space in these crowded spots. They are available in a variety of sizes at most department and organizing stores. They are easy to install and help to take advantage of height under the sink.

Tension rods

Tension rods, like the ones holding your shower curtain up, comes in all sizes. Measure the space under your sink and install a tension rod to hold cleansers, brushes and the like on the rod freeing up the bottom space for larger items.


Instead of pulling everything out from under the sink try putting in a turntable (lazy Susan) to bring what you need to the front. These are normally used in the kitchen but they also work well under the sink.

Storage on the door

Don’t forget the inside of the door if space allows. Kitchen cleansers and sponges can be stored there or hair dryers and make up in the bathroom.


There are many organizing products that can be mounted on the inside of your cabinet door either with screws or heavy duty Velcro.

Gliding trash bins

If your home is like mine you may have your garbage bin, recycle bin and compost bin all under the kitchen sink. That’s a lot of bins all jammed together.


Consider putting in gliding trays to pull them out when making a deposit to avoid a mess under the sink. It will also be easier to take out the trash with a gliding shelf.

Under sink storage can be a real challenge but with some planning and a few affordable organizing items you can make it much more manageable.  Good luck! I know you can do it!