Secrets To An Organized Kitchen


The kitchen is the hub of most homes where we gather to cook, eat or just talk. It is also the spot that causes many of you a lot of grief because of the organizational chaos happening there. Keep your kitchen an inviting space to be in by following these easy to follow tips.

Baskets and bins

Your storage systems can be both functional and decorative according to your kitchen décor. Spices, cleaning supplies, and other small items can be kept in baskets or bins for easy retrieval and storage. Some of your everyday spices like salt, pepper, curry powder and the like can be kept in a decorative bin or basket and taken right to the table.

Kitchen - basket

Use clear storage containers

Keep your coffees, teas, sugar, flour and other such goods in clear storage containers and label them for easy access. You will find storage containers easier to use as well. How often do you get flour or sugar all over your counter when pouring them out of the bag you bought them in?

Store them close to where you use them

Keep your spices and cooking utensils close to the stove and your drinking glasses stored close to the refrigerator. Normally there is more than one person in the kitchen so avoid getting in each other’s way and have what you need close at hand. Items you use often should be stored at eye level for easy access.

Small appliances

Your kitchen counter can easily become a magnet for every conceivable small appliance you have purchased but unless you use them daily try to store them down below.

Kitchen - small appliances

Appliances like rice cookers, slow cookers and blenders don’t normally get used every day so keep your counter clear and looking organized with just your daily use appliances.

Some items are better stacked vertically

Cutting boards, baking sheets, platters, and other similar items are better stored vertically to prevent damage and to make it easier to get them and put them away.

Kitchen - stack vertical

There are a number of inexpensive systems you can install to help you accomplish this.

Drawer dividers for cutlery

Drawer dividers are a must in any kitchen and I am surprised at how many people don’t install these, even for the larger utensils and knives. They keep everything neat and organized and easy to find.

Making more space

There are so many functional items to help you increase your space in the kitchen that can be so limited. Standing wire shelving can almost double a shelf space and if you have a deep corner unit a lazy Susan can add space and make it so much easier to retrieve items. There are also under shelf wire racks you can purchase to create space for mugs or small plates. I myself recently installed gliding shelves in my pantry to easily reach the items in the back of the pantry shelves.

At ClutterBGone, we love organizing kitchens and have the expertise and ideas to make your kitchen more organized and productive. Contact us here for more information.