Be Ruthless – Pare Down And DeClutter – Get Organized


Clutter just doesn’t appear. It slowly accumulates and takes over your drawers, closets and surfaces. It can make you feel defeated and just the thought of having to tackle it can be overwhelming.

Here are several tips to help you be ruthless with your approach to getting out from under the clutter.

Is what you’re holding on to adding value to your life?

Holding on to items simply for the sake of holding on to them is a common cause for clutter. We can’t bear to part with things but also can’t justify keeping them. You spent good money on an item so you feel you have to keep it.  Is keeping it going to get that money back?

Let someone else in the family enjoy the item or sell the item if it’s of some real value. Then use the funds to indulge in something you can really use.

Items you know you are never going to use again

Another reason people hold on to items is the thought that they can use them again. Do you have clothes that you love but can’t fit into? Have styles changed? Do you have items that you intend to fix some day? Some day is today.
Think real hard about those clothes and if you really can’t see yourself getting into them in a few months let them go. Besides, if you do change sizes you are going to want to celebrate with new clothes. And those broken items are not going to fix themselves. Out they go.

Here’s a decluttering technique you can use to pare down: Ask yourself this question. “If I saw this item in the store today, would I buy it?” If your answer is “no”, then out it goes.


Do you have memories of loved ones packed away in boxes somewhere? When is the last time you looked at them? Are you really honouring those memories in a box sitting in the dark somewhere?

Try making a memory box out of some of the items so they can be displayed and give you memories each time you see it. See who else in the family would like to have some of the other items. You’d be surprised at just how grateful other family members may be to receive them.

Keep up with technology

Photos in the cloud, digital music, e-readers. All of these things have changed our lives. The times they are a changing as Bob Dylan once sang. Are you holding onto your CD’s but listen to music on your phone or other digital items? When was the last time you brought out those old photo albums? How about receiving and paying some of your bills electronically?


I recently switched to a digital reader thereby greatly reducing the amount of books that gather dust in the house. There are a lot of ways to reduce clutter with all of the new technology that is out there.

Don’t let clutter get the better of you. It’s easy for it to do just that. Be ruthless and reduce the clutter in your life. You’ll thank yourself and feel that you can breathe again.