Post Christmas “Boxing” Day

Christmas morning can be a very exciting time in the house, especially if you have kids. I could sit back and watch them open gifts all day. Their eyes widen, the smiles go from ear to ear and the squeals of delight are music to my own ears. I’m talking about kids of all ages of course. Most of the gifts that we receive are wrapped up in, or are gifted in, a cardboard box of some type and you wouldn’t believe the number of boxes I find in clients homes. Are you one that feels it is necessary to keep those boxes just in case you may need it later?

Identify what is truly needed

On Christmas morning your home is most likely going to look like a recycling center with all the cardboard and paper that will be strewn all across the room.

Messy Living Room After the Christmas Presents Have Been Opened

I generally try to keep a few pieces of wrapping paper if I find it to be unique or if I know I will use it again and if it is in great shape. I’ll put it in my wrapping station and the rest goes out right away. Don’t try to save it all. There will be too much and you wouldn’t want to receive a gift that looks like the wrapping paper was retrieved from a wastebasket would you?

Next are the boxes. Let’s be very selective on what boxes you decide to keep for whatever reason.

But it’s so pretty!

If Santa brought you something shiny chances are it came in a nice small box. They don’t take up much room and you may re-use it. If you already have one or two from previous gifts that should be all you need. Don’t keep them for sentimental reasons. You have the actual gift for that.

I just may need it when I move

Really? When are you planning on moving? I hear this a lot and unless you have concrete plans to move within the next 6 months it’s better to get rid of it. Empty tv boxMovers are experienced at handling TV’s and computers or blankets do a great job at protecting them if you are moving yourself. Worse case scenario there are plenty of places where you can purchase inexpensive boxes made specifically to house your TV, large prints and more. Why use up your valuable real estate to house empty boxes when that precious space can be used for day to day living!? Did you really buy your home so you could fill it with empty boxes?

Can you re-use it?

Those boxes you get with your gift clothing are easy to fold down and use again for future gifts. But do you really need it? Don’t keep it for the “just in case” scenario. Similar to the used wrapping paper, a shoebox with the makers name and size stickers on the box doesn’t show that much thought was put into the presentation. I’m all for repurposing shoe boxes especially if you do keep your shoes in them for protection, but don’t allow them to become dust collectors.

Tips :

If you have received a big-ticket item for Christmas, and you do end up putting the box out for recycling it’s a good idea to cut the box down and place the cardboard in your bin so the contents are not facing out. recycle-cardboardNo sense advertising to the world the fact that you just got a new TV or computer.

If you are holding onto a box for model or warranty information simply cut that piece off the box and slip it into your warranty file. Or better yet, take a picture of the information and file it electronically.

Christmas is wonderful time of the year. Don’t add to the stress with a pile of cardboard that takes up valuable space. If you need help with after Christmas purging you can contact us here.