Outdoor Fall Organizing

Outdoor Fall Organizing Done Right, Finally!

If you are tired of heading into fall and then winter feeling like you haven’t gotten everything accomplished outdoors, this guide is for you. Find out how to organize your home’s exterior so it is not only great for autumn but also ready for the colder months that follow.

Pack Up Patio Furniture

Rather than keeping them out all year long, pack up and store the table, chairs, and umbrella, if possible. That way, these items will stay like new longer, rather than getting weathered by the wind, rain, and other elements.

If you decide to keep the bigger furniture on the patio throughout the year, though, then clean them well to help prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Then put a protective cover on top to deter rust. Ideally, keep cushions in the storage shed or a closed unit on the patio so that any harsh weather doesn’t ruin them.

Outdoor Fall Organizing

Fall Cleaning of the Home’s Exterior

Just as you did spring cleaning, now you will do fall cleaning to ensure the garden is ready for winter. Among the to-do list items are raking leaves from the yard, washing windows, and cleaning the dryer duct.

Another task is to clean the deck. For example, you may decide to weatherproof the wood patio by adding a sealant that protects against mold and mildew.

Before applying the sealant, though, thoroughly clean the deck to remove any debris and leaves trapped between the boards that can otherwise lead to rot. Sweeping and then scrubbing the wood with an appropriate cleaner will be a must in most cases (except if it is a new deck).

Organize the Garage

Now is a great time to clear away any clutter in the garage. By donating, selling, or tossing items that are not used any longer, you will have more physical space for storing the patio furniture. Plus, you will ideally be able to fit your car, rather than having it outdoors in the cold and snow that comes soon.

Plus, organizing the garage will remove any stress you might have otherwise carried with you through fall and winter every time you looked in there. Seeing the clutter would have been a constant reminder that you still needed to clear it out.

Taking the Time Now to Organize

Spending time on outdoor fall organizing activities will help to make life a lot easier come springtime. As you do the tasks mentioned above, think about what you need to remove or make ready for the harsher weather over the next several months.

For example, pick up any toys and yard tools that are outside in the home. Store them in the shed or garage to protect them.

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