home organizing for fall

Organizing Your Home for Fall

With each season comes the opportunity to freshen up the home. Just as you spring clean, now you can apply organization tips to fall too. By doing these activities now, you will have them out of the way before the holidays.

Bathroom Storage

With the mornings being hectic ones as you get the kids ready for school, it’s nice to create a routine that makes it easy to keep everything tidy. For example, put extra towels into fabric storage bins and keep them beneath the sink or another handy location. You can also set a tray on the counter for daily essentials so that they stay in one place.

Declutter Closets

The fall season seems to bring with it the desire to clear away any clutter from closets. It is likely part of the back-to-school schedule. If you find that you’re itching to tidy up clothes closets, then consider adding shelving or bringing a dresser into the closet, if there is room, to organize sweaters, shoes, purses, and more.

Entranceway Updates

Is your entranceway doing all that it can from a functionality perspective? Consider adding modern-looking hooks for coats, hats, and backpacks so that they do not have to go on a coatrack. Put shoes on a stackable rack or on a spinning shoe tree to keep them from becoming a cluttered mess on the floor.

organizing for fall

Clear the Kitchen Counters

Fall baking is more difficult to do when the counters are covered with appliances, dishes, and more. Open the kitchen’s look up, so it is more functional and appears larger than before, too, by removing those excess things.

A creative place to put them is on custom shelving that extends from the floor to the ceiling on one kitchen wall. Fill the shelves and then hang an elegant curtain across the front to conceal any clutter and give the kitchen a streamlined look.

Kids’ Items

For their skateboards, hockey gear, and other bulky items, put up brackets in closets for them to hang from when not in use. For any smaller items, clear bins are handy for compartmentalizing things while allowing kids to see the item they want right away, so then they don’t have to move everything to get to it.

Closed Storage

By now, you see that closed storage provides a way to keep several items out of sight so that the rooms of the home appear more spacious and avoid stressful clutter. In your home office, you can do the same with drawers in a desk containing hanging file folders, organized according to your needs. Also, consider getting a wall storage unit with doors and drawers that have supplies, your printer, books, and more.

Final Fall Home Tip

The last tip from our professional organizers is to store out-of-season items, such as t-shirts and shorts, in bins. Label them appropriately so that they are easily identifiable next year and put them in the closet. When the new season comes, swap clothes again.

With the tips above, you and your home will be feeling fall confidence. Let us know how we can help you feel more organized this season – We’re only a phone call away!