Home Organizing Tips

These are the Organizing Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

There’s a lot on your plate as a homeowner, from paying the bills to maintaining the exterior and interior. To help you keep the inside of the home looking its best, here are the organizing tips that our pros think you’ll find as valuable as they do.

Two-Year Rule

When you look at your clothes closet, do you wonder how it got to be so full? The addition of a shirt or pair of pants here and there can add up over the years, resulting in clutter. Often, people don’t see it getting that way until the closet is packed.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, here’s a rule to apply. If you haven’t worn a clothing item for two years, let it go. That could mean gifting it to a friend, donating to a local charity, or selling it to get some extra cash. Even if you are still fond of it, you’re not wearing it, so it’s time to take it out of the closet.

Create Space in the Bathroom

Don’t worry, we don’t mean to start knocking down walls to remodel the bathroom. Instead, a more affordable and easier approach can provide better storage for even the smallest bathroom. It can start with adding holsters for your hairdryer and curling iron on the inside of the under-sink door to store them there.

For example, have you considered making use of blank wall space? Our professional organizers suggest hooks to hang towels and accessories like mirrors. Also, corner shelving units provide a way to use the space there, filling them with haircare products and other things you reach for daily.

Decluttering Tips

Reimagine Your Laundry Room

If you’ve always wanted to create a well-organized room for handling and cleaning laundry, now is the time. Keeping it organized makes laundry less of a chore and can also speed it up.

Begin by looking around for what doesn’t belong in the room, such as dog toys and kids’ gadgets (unless it’s shared space). Then, see if you can reduce the number of laundry products used by combining dryer sheets into one package, for example. If there aren’t shelves in the room, it’s a worthwhile investment to add them to store your laundry products and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Cubby Storage

We’re excited about this one as it’s a great storage solution, even for a small home. Cubby storage units can have a range of purposes, from organizing books to cat supplies.

Being able to customize them to each room is one of the major benefits. Plus, you can rearrange them when you want, how you want, as your kids grow up and their needs change or as your decorating style shifts over time. From a baby changing table to floating box shelves, there are plenty of ways to use cubbies!

Get More Great Ideas

Organizing your home can be fun, believe it or not. When you have a vision and are willing to put in the effort and time to sort through possessions, you can get the organized home interior that you’ve wanted for years.

To make it more enjoyable, get on the right path from day one with a professional organizer. We work with your vision and provide tips like the ones above to help you get more out of your space and clear the clutter. Let’s start the next project together!