organizing tips for new moms

Organizing Tips for New Moms

A baby brings so much joy to a home, but it also can bring stress if your living environment isn’t organized. To help make your days easier, try one or more of these tips from our professional organizers.

Use a Calendar

A calendar that everyone in the household has easy access to is essential. It will keep everyone in the loop about daily activities and also their responsibilities.

This calendar covers everything from taking out the trash to who makes dinner tonight. Whether it is a paper calendar that hangs in the kitchen or an electronic one that everyone shares are up to you and your family.

Bins for Toys

The number of toys your little one accumulates will likely grow rapidly. To keep them organized, use clear bins so that you can see instantly what is inside, saving both time and effort when in search of a particular one.

Sort them into categories, such as dinosaurs and dress-up costumes, and then add labels. Before going to bed each night, put them back into the correct bins. As your child gets older, they will take over this nightly responsibility.

organizing tips for moms

Let Go of Stuff

As your baby grows, they will outgrow clothes and toys, as well as needing different essentials. While letting go of adorable onesies is difficult, it is essential to avoid stressful clutter in the home.

Stay on top of things by putting things they have outgrown into containers to donate to charity or give to a family or friend who is expecting a child. Stay on top of it by labeling the items according to age. While it’s difficult to let go of things, many of them will no longer be needed and can help others rather than just sitting in a closet taking up space.

Multiple Baby Change Stations

Having to go to one room in the house every time the baby needs changing is exhausting. Instead, set up two change stations, each one with diapers, wipes, and other must-haves.

Not only will this save you energy but also time. Keep the essentials in a cute basket, so it doesn’t look messy.

Space Out Laundry Loads

For any new mom, laundry is a dreaded chore. It never seems to end, and your day is busy enough already.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by piles of baby clothes, try to do one load a day. That is more manageable, and you’ll get that great feeling of having it folded and put away by bedtime.

Also, time the load so that it doesn’t slow down your day. For example, put the washing machine on before having breakfast and put on the dryer before leaving the house.

Create Baby’s Nursery Closet

Regular closets are not meant to organize baby’s clothing and other must-haves. To maximize the space, add rods, shelves, and even a dresser in the closet if you have the room.

Our professional organizers are here to help you create an organized closet, even if it’s a small space. We can also provide other valuable time-saving tips to make your day smoother. Our team includes moms who will show you what worked for them and personalize the home to your family’s needs. Reach out to us today for a free consultation!