Organizing Teens For Back to School

Here we are, well into August already, and I don’t know about you but in Ontario if feels like summer really hasn’t arrived yet! Try to contain your excitement folks but school starts in less than a month.

Now is a good time to start getting your teens organized for when they return to school with schedules, activities, sign-up sheets and more!

school3Here are some clever organizing strategies and ideas for back to school organizing for your young scholars.

Preparing for earlier bedtimes

Let’s start with the obvious. Probably for most of the summer there have been little to no restrictions on bed curfew unless they had a summer job.

Start to wean your kids’ back on to a schedule a week or two ahead of school opening so they are not dragging their feet from the very start of the school year.

Plan extra-curriculars

Plan on which extra -curricular activities they are going to participate in during the school year and keep in mind that these activities, although beneficial, impact on grades so make sure your child can balance both school and the activities they participate in. Do your best not to over-schedule your kids so that they have the greater chance of success in their academic year.

School shopping

Back to school shopping can be fun as well as daunting. Try to purchase only what you require to start the year as you will find additional items need to be purchased as the year gets under way.

And remember the one in, one out rule on clothing too. Don’t forget that teens have opinions (rightly so) and are not afraid to tell you what they think.

bindersHave them come along when shopping so they can have input and learn to make good choices for both clothing and supplies. Try to have one binder for each subject or at the least have dividers to separate the subjects in one binder.

Bring your patience and negotiation skills as well as your wallet.

Study space

All students need a clean and quiet area to study in – no matter what they will tell you. Set aside an area that is clear of all clutter and is relatively quiet for studying and have the student choose from a few options in terms of the time of day they prefer to study. With giving them some input you stand a better chance of them following the schedule.

Have this area stocked with the “tools of the trade” (pens, paper, etc.) so there are less interruptions during this study time. A planner/agenda in this area can also be helpful to keep track of what is due when and which days of the week sports fall on.

Prepare for the first day the night before

Pack what is required the night before. This may be a challenge for most teens but better to do it the night before than running the risk of a chaotic morning looking for what is needed. Remember when you were a teen and needed every minute of sleep in the morning?

Packing the evening before will ensure that they have everything for the day so when they blow out of the house in the morning like a hurricane they will have all the necessities with less chance of a meltdown. Throw a few healthy snacks into their bag as well so when hunger sets in there is less chance they will head to the junk food machines.

Teens have been through this before but still need assistance and sometimes a bit of a push to get ready for the new school year. Making sure they are ready and organized will give them a head start to a successful year.

ClutterBGone has assisted many families in getting homes, rooms and home offices organized for the start of the school year. If you require assistance you can contact us here and learn how we can make a smooth transition to the new school year.