Organizing Statistics That May Surprise You

organizing statistics

I wanted to share with you some interesting organizing statistics released by the Professional Organizers In Canada. I was quite surprised by some of these, as I’m sure you will be too.

The number of us that are disorganized

Eight of ten of us admitted to being disorganized. Most Canadians are at least somewhat disorganized at home, at work or with their ability to manage time. Add children to the home and you have a much higher chance of being disorganized. Surprisingly, younger Canadians in the 18 to 34 year range admitted to being disorganized more than older Canadians.

What is the most disorganized area?

Twenty nine percent of all Canadians say that their home is their most disorganized aspect of their life. organizing statisticsTake men out of the equation and that number rises to 34%. The basement is said to be the most disorganized area of a home. Not surprising since ClutterBGone has seen what the basement in many homes is used as – a storage area for goods seldom used. When you compare homes with and without kids 82% say a home with kids is disorganized. Only 21% without kids admit to being disorganized.

The office

Seven out of ten disorganized Canadians say that their workplace is disorganized. No surprise in that the desk is the most disorganized area in the office. In order to be at your most productive you need a neat and organized work space.

Have you ever tried to get organized?

Most have tried to become organized but one in six never have. Just over a third that have tried to get organized have failed. Sixteen percent have never tried to get organized and some don’t even know where to start.

Is it time for professional help?

Three in ten Canadians are willing to hire a professional organizer to help them get organized. organizing statisticsA professional organizer is trained in the latest organizing trends and knows all of the storage containers and systems that will work for you. Professional organizers are trained, skilled specialists who help people create order where it is lacking in their lives, so that they can make long-term improvements and keep disorder at bay. We take courses and are certified in what we do. We will come in and assess not only what needs to be done but how we got to this stage in the first place and then design a system that works for you to keep you organized long after we have left.

A large majority of Canadians feel that being disorganized negatively affects their lives. Just over ten percent admitted that being disorganized made them feel like a failure. Stress and anxiety play a large part in being disorganized.

Did you find some of these organizing statistics surprising? If you need help in getting organized why not enlist the services of a professional? ClutterBGone has helped many clients in the Greater Toronto Area and we would love to help you too. Just contact us here.