Organizing With Multi Generational Families

organizing with multi generation families

With today’s high cost of living and skyrocketing house prices there are more and more families now living with more than 2 generations in the home. An in law suite is best but not everyone can afford the cost or space of separate living quarters. If this includes you and your family there are a number of things you can do to keep your home better organized.

When they first move in

Your home will have to have the room to accommodate the arrival of more members. organize with multi generation familiesOnce they have settled in arrange a weekend when you can all perform a purge to create as much space as possible. This gives all of you an opportunity to rid yourselves of items you no longer use and to create the space you’re going to require. You may be surprised to see the bonding that can take place during this time as well.


What may be important to you may not be to others and vice versa. Accept the fact that some belongings will be kept that you may not agree with but define the space that is allotted to everyone for storage. Let them be the final judge of what they keep.

Space required for new items

If you have Mom and Dad staying with you, you’re going to need increased space for medicine. Typically, older people require more medicine which always needs to be kept out of reach of any children in the home.organize with multi generation families

In the kitchen, be prepared to share the fridge and cupboards for different foods that they like or require for dietary needs. Will you assign a shelf in the fridge or cupboard for their special needs? Don’t forget about the important papers that come with them. Wills, power of attorney’s, and other important papers need a space of their own too.


Now that everything is in and put away let everyone know what is expected of them to keep things clutter free. The more people living in the home the more opportunity there will be for the creation of clutter. Everyone has to take a role in maintenance to remain organized and clutter free.

Call an expert

Sometimes calling in an expert for a little help gets the ball rolling a little easier and can keep feelings in check. Contact ClutterBGone if you need help in getting things organized with a multi generational family.