Organizing and Decluttering Your Garage for Spring!

garage organizing

The snow is gone, the air is milder, the buds are starting to appear. All the signs of spring are here! So why aren’t you excited?

Are you having a tough time getting into your garage to find your gardening tools and patio furniture? Well, you’re not alone.

Your garage is a space that’s largely neglected during our cold winter months. Come spring, it needs a good old de-cluttering and organizing just like any other area of your home.

Let’s face it, the winter is cold and it makes it a lot easier to just store items in your garage and forget about them until you’re forced to deal with it head on. Who wants to work in an unheated garage during our cold Canadian winter? This causes you to dump things in the garage over the winter and you eventually must deal with it come spring.

Believe it or not, your garage is not the best place for storage.

Garages typically have solid concrete floors and despite the age of the garage, concrete still creates moisture. Moisture eventually finds its way into your possessions and can create mould. Many of our clients have had their possessions ruined by mould created from this type of moisture.

Do it right!

When storing and organizing items many should be contained so there’s no chance of anything falling on to you, your possessions or your car (for those of you that can fit a car into your garage). Containerizing is also important to protect your belongings from pests and moisture that can be severely damaging.

garage organizing GTA

Sporting goods should all be stored within easy reach and systematically according to seasonality. ClutterBGone has the experience and knowledge to use the right tools and items for easy and safe retrieval.

Time is precious

Depending on the volume of clutter you may need more than one day. A lot of our clients don’t have the time or simply understand and acknowledge that their time is worth more. Many of our garage projects take a minimum of 6 hours and can sometimes exceed 24 hours with a team of two depending on the size of the garage and the sheer volume of items stored (dumped) inside. Remember, it’s not just tidying up, it’s creating a system of organization so that you will never have to do it again.

Make a clean sweep.

Once everything is up and out of your way, you can be sure that we will leave your garage in a clean, tidy and organized manner. Everything will be within reach and easy to put back and retrieve once you’ve invested in a system of organization for your home.

I know most of you are itching to get into your yard work and get back into the garage. Contact us here to find out how ClutterBGone can help you organize your garage in Toronto so you never have to feel the fear of Spring.