Get Organized and Enrich Your Family Life

There are numerous benefits to getting organized. When we work with our clients in getting their homes organized the greatest benefit we see is the effect it has on the entire family. In fact, in a recent U.S. Psychology report, women who described their home as cluttered were more depressed, had higher levels of stress and were more tired. How’s that for a negative impact of clutter?

Reduced Conflicts

How many arguments have you had with your significant other over items that are lost, misplaced or maybe even thrown out? argumentSometimes clutter can cause anxiety in one person that turns into something said to the other that is hurtful. If you have a cluttered home you are also less likely to invite friends or family over due to embarrassment which reduces your social life.


Financial Stress

Disorganized people commonly misplace bills or invoices that come in the mail or think they will “get to them later” if received via email. Later never comes and you end up paying interest or late fees or even worse your credit score is affected. If you are hoping to buy your first home or move up in the housing market this can have negative affect on your interest rate or ability to qualify for a mortgage. Arguments over money are the leading causes of marital strife.

Quality Time

Add up all the time you spend looking for items and now try to visualize what you will do with all that extra time. quality timeHaving an organized home gives you the down time you need to relax or to spend with your spouse or kids. Improving and increasing your quality time will also reduce your stress.

Eat Better

The same U.S. Psychology report referenced above noted that organized people eat better. You are more likely to grab a cookie or chocolate bar or some other comfort food if you are in a disorganized space. You just won’t take the time to look for something healthier. And if you are eating better you will more than likely lose some weight if that is one of your goals!


All of the above has an impact on your sleep. With less stress, an improved relationship and healthier eating you are going to get a more relaxed, restful sleep at night. organized bedroomThose that are disorganized also tend to perform tasks like paying bills and responding to emails right up until bedtime taking to bed a mind that is still racing.


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