Organize Your Home Office Day


organized office

Did you know that one in four North American households have a home office? A home office isn’t just for the self-employed or for those that work from home anymore. They are used for a place to sort and pay bills, do work at night not completed during the day and for doing homework.

Having a designated spot for these tasks and others can make things go more smoothly and help you stay clutter free. It can also create more clutter. March 14th was Organize Your Home Office Day so let’s see how you can do just that to be more productive in your home office.

Keep only the important things within reach

How much time do you waste looking for something that you know is on your desk but you just cant put your hands on it? I know many people whose desk top has almost every pen and gadget they own on it. Do you waste time looking for a document or other items? Keep your desk clean and clear to be productive and to maintain focus.

Reduce the paper sitting on your desk

The average time it likely takes you to retrieve one piece of paper is ten minutes. Your desk should not be your filing cabinet but yet a lot of people can’t see the top of their desk for all the paper that is there.

organized office

Keep just the paper associated with your current task out and the rest filed away. You’ll save a lot of time and be a lot more productive and in the office a lot less.

File it now

Don’t put off the filing or you’ll see the paper accumulate. Once it accumulates it becomes too easy to do it “later” and you know when later comes. Much later. Design a filing system that works for you and file it right away.

Functionality is key

Will your office meet your requirements? Are you left or right handed? What side of the desk will the phone and computer sit?

organized office

Which drawer will hold your supplies? Where should the filing cabinet be placed? These are all questions to ask yourself in order to be at your most productive. We look at all these scenarios and many others when we set up your home office.

Tools you have to have

Make sure you have an in and an out basket. Find the best spot for them, even if they are not on your desk, and use them. They will help keep your desk clear which aids your productivity. Don’t forget to have your out box emptied by the end of each day. A calendar too is a must. How else can you keep track of what needs to be done and what you have accomplished?

A home office has become a necessity for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. With increased usage, will come increased clutter and disorganization. Let us help you organize your home office as we have done with many others. Contact us here to find out how we can help you.