Organize for Your Winter Vacation



organize for travel

With winter here, and more of it ahead of us than behind us, I’ll bet quite a few of you are lucky enough to get away to a sunny destination. Travelling can be stressful enough with the line ups, security checks, cramped airline seats and all that goes with it. Reduce that stress by being organized before you leave.

Make a list

I drive my husband crazy with my lists and I always make a list of what to bring when we travel. This serves two purposes. organize for travelIt ensures that I bring everything I need (and no more) and stops me from having to purchase items I don’t need when I get to my destination.

Use packing aids

There are so many items that can help you take advantage of the space inside of your suitcase. I own a couple of those small packing cubes where I put socks and smaller items. In a pinch plastic grocery bags will protect your shoes. And here’s a tip – place all your liquids like shampoo and sun screen in zip lock bags. The last thing you need is these liquids spilling out during your trip. I use an undergarment bag to keep everything in great shape during arrival and it makes it so much easier to unpack at my destination.

Unpack right away

I know you want to get your vacation underway as soon as possible but take the few minutes upon arrival to unpack and get everything put away. You will feel more at home and won’t look like a wrinkled mess when you go out for dinner.

Use your electronic devices for stress free travel

I love those apps that allow me to store my boarding passes on my phone. organize for travelI no longer have to juggle things while in line to retrieve my boarding pass. You can also use your phone or other electronic devices to access the airlines entertainment system on board. Store your books on your Kobo or similar device to reduce space and weight on your trip. There are many apps as well that will track your flight to let you know when there are delays or changes to your trip.

Travel tips

When I travel, I bring a few disinfectant wipes with me to wipe down the trays, arm chairs and buttons. I know the airlines don’t do a great job at this. Bring a few snacks with you so you aren’t purchasing expensive food items on board that you normally wouldn’t eat.

Travelling can be a very stressful time but being organized and ready can take a lot of stress out of it. If you are one of the lucky ones to get away this winter have a great time and follow some of these organizing tips to make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable.