Office Organizing – Working From Home


With many of you working from home these days you need a home office to work from and that is free of clutter. It takes discipline to work from home and distractions need to be kept to a minimum in order to get the most productivity out of your busy day. Your home office should be comfortable and efficient allowing you to concentrate on your work.

Keep only the important things on your desk

The key to maintaining a clean desk is to keep only what you are going to need for that day or what you use every day on your desk. The rest should be put away or filed away. Pen and pencil holders can look very attractive but they take up space. After all, how many of each do you actually use in a day? The same with photos. You’re working from home. Trust me, you won’t forget what your kids look like!

Day planner

In my opinion, the day planner is the best investment you can make. How else can you keep track of your meetings and things to do?

Day planner

I still use a manual planner that I write in so I can see each week at a glance. I get a sense of accomplishment when I am able to cross an item off knowing it’s done. Regardless of whether you use your phone, tablet or a manual planner be vigilant in recording what needs to be done in a day and cross it off when it is complete.

No interruptions please

You need some quiet time to get things done and often it’s a struggle to find that time when you work at home. Don’t be afraid to close the door for an hour or so a day and let everyone at home know that this is a time when you are not to be interrupted. Some projects or tasks require concentration.

Focus on the task at hand

We all think we can work on two things at the same time but it’s now a proven fact that our attention declines when we try to do just that. Pick one issue to work on at a time and give that your all. If something else comes along that takes priority then set that first item aside and concentrate on the new priority until it is completed.

Choose a filing system that works for you

Don’t restrict yourself to the standard alphabetized filing system if that doesn’t work for you. I file according to “categories” like Utilities, Insurance, etc.


Then my utility bills and insurance documents get filed within those categories, such as Insurance- Auto, Insurance-Home, Insurance-Life etc. I find it easier to retrieve and file this way. Research the different systems that are out there and use what works best for you.

In and out trays

Put everything that comes in during the day into the in tray and assign a time of day to go through it. Doing this once a day rather than each time something comes in will save you a lot of time through your day. Likewise, with the out tray. Put all of your filing and outbound mail in there and attend to it once a day.

Shred it!

Invest in a good shredder. You generate a lot of paper in a home office and some of that paper contains information that, in the wrong hands, can be devastating to you. Shred anything with sensitive information. The shredders that make confetti out of your documents (crosscut) are the best.

Working from home shouldn’t be any different than working from the workplace. Be organized and you will be more productive. CutterBGone has helped organize many offices, both at home and in the workplace. Contact us here to see how we can assist you.