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Let Go Of These Bad Habits to Stay Organized This Year

Despite your best intentions to be better organized, you might have these three habits that are interfering with it. Whether you want to get your home clutter-free or want to make better use of your time, this guide provides a great starting point for improvements in 2022.

Quit Trying to Take On Too Much

Trying to excel at work and in personal areas of your life is commendable but doing so can lead to burnout if you continually take on more than you can handle. The result then can be that you’re overwhelmed or overworked and don’t get everything done that you intended.

Instead, only say yes to the projects that you know you can deliver on time at work. As for outside of the office, practice saying no to additional burdens to ensure you spend time doing what matters most to you with loved ones.

While saying no can be difficult at first because of perfectionism, personal beliefs, or another reason, it does get easier as you go. Be sure to leave time for self-care on the schedule to help yourself feel at your best. You deserve it.

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Put a Halt on Impulse Shopping

You’re not alone if you find it fun to shop for new furniture and decor for the home. There’s something exciting about the newness! But, if your residence already feels cluttered, consider looking around your home for what you already have that could fill the space. The object can feel “new” when you put it in a different room in the house.

Ask yourself if you really need it or not, rather than impulse shopping. Doing so can help you avoid purchasing something that is unnecessary, help keep rooms looking great, and save you some money too.

When you buy less, you have fewer things to organize at the end of the day and avoid clutter. Thinking through the buying decision has many perks!

Stop the Impulsivity: Plan Out the Project Before You Declutter

Rather than going headfirst into a project, why not think it through in advance? Doing so can save you extra steps and be more efficient with your time.

Diving into a decluttering project without thinking it through can quickly become exhausting too. Instead, take a step back and look at what works and what doesn’t in your home to evaluate what is the priority.

If you’re not sure quite where to start, bring in the professionals. Our organizer will team up with you to ensure you get all or part of your home clean and tidy in a streamlined way, exactly how you want it to be. It’s a no-pressure approach that helps you reach your organizing goals. We’re here to help you!

A Few Last Words

Be gentle with yourself as you begin new habits and break old ones. It takes effort and time to become a better you, whether you focus on organizing the home or anything else in your life. Rest assured that the attention is worth it as you sit back and enjoy a living space that is tidy and looks terrific.